Specials: May Do #3

More Specials activities for you to BE engaged

Along with the quarter choice board, your Specials teachers will share even more fun activities and practice in this newsletter!

ART: Mrs. Gochis

Contact Mrs. Gochis at jgochis@usd232.org

Book Read Aloud:

The Rainbow Fish – by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine

Watch Video Here

Drawing Prompts:

Draw a person with fruit for hair

Draw a basketball player dunking a chicken

Draw yourself with a super power

Draw a person with donuts for eyes

Draw yourself as a fairy

Demo Videos:

Newspaper Pottery (2nd-5th grades)

Materials: Newspaper, tape, modpodge (or watered down glue) and a brush

Watch Video Here

Jen Stark Lava Lamp (4th-5th grades)

Materials: Paper, pencil, black marker, tempera paint (or markers, crayons or colored pencils)

Watch Video Here

Coffee Filter Printing (K-5th grades)

Materials: Paper, markers, coffee filters, spray water bottle or damp sponge

Watch Video Here

Zentangle Pattern Names (2nd-5th grade)

Materials: Paper, pencil and eraser, black marker, sharpie or pen

Watch Video Here

COUNSELOR: Miss Arbaugh

How to contact Miss Arbaugh: narbaugh@usd232.org

If you want to Zoom one-on-one with me, have your parents send me an email.

More activities:

Community Service: Make artwork for Brookdale residents (a senior living home) and you can send a photo or scan it to brightenup1920@gmail.com. Helping others helps YOU feel better!

Earth Day: Check out this video for ideas of how you can help the Earth!


Coping Skills: Make a gratitude (what you are thankful for or what is good in your life) jar or list. Here's a quick video of some ideas. When we think about what is good, we feel better overall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE2uFlrlV1o

Mindfulness: Calm breaths and stretching in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyvuaL_2avY

Library: Mrs. Barcus

Contact information- jbarcus@usd232.org

William Allen White Voting- Attention 3rd- 5th graders, if you have read at least two WAW nominated books this school year, you have the opportunity to vote for the award. Please click on the following link- https://forms.gle/HWor1cJHsSTWwRje9 . Voting must be completed by Monday, April 27th. Happy voting! :)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- During the month of April, we celebrate Earth Day. In celebration of Earth Day, please enjoy the following activities-

1. What is Earth Day? Click on this link from PBS Kids to find out.


2. Reuse Challenge

  • Locate recyclable items around your house. This can include items such as an empty cereal boxes, empty toilet paper rolls, empty shoe boxes, empty paper towel rolls, etc.
  • Use your imagination to create something new with these items such as a spaceship, house, race car, doll house, etc. Have fun!

Storytime with Mrs. Barcus- Click on the following link, so we can enjoy a book together…http://www.viewpure.com/Jgs2cLN77z0?start=0&end=0

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Mrs. Martin's favorite character!

Froggy Rides a Bike read aloud

MUSIC: Mrs. Martin

You can contact me at smartin@usd232.org


Sing Brave by Sara Bareilles:http://www.viewpure.com/dyAfjUHlFSM?start=0&end=0

Kindergarten: Last week we reviewed steady beat and this week we will explore high, middle, and low. Watch this video:


Extension: Play the freeze statue game. Turn on some music and have someone be the DJ. The DJ gets to pause the music. When the DJ pauses the music-make a high, middle or low statue. Have them guess what size statue you are making. Continue to pause and freeze the whole song.

1st-3rd grade: All about rhythm

1. The Music Show Episode #2-http://www.viewpure.com/RYsGlNpx2YI?start=0&end=0

What was something new you learned?

3rd/4th/5th grade: The Cup Song

Tap video link here to learn:


1. Can you perform The Cup Song with your favorite song? Does it fit within the musical phrase? Why or why not....Hint (think about how many beats in a measure 2, 3, or 4?)

2.Can you notate the rhythm of the Cup Song words with ta, ti-ti, etc. . ?

clap, clap, table, table, clap, up down

clap sweep top table bottom hand down

Choir Students: You can sing along with the links below from our choral festival literature. If you're feeling like a super singer, send me a video of you singing a song! I'd love to see you! :)

Choir Music- Shenandoah

Shenandoah video

Choir Music-Ton The!

Ton The! I love this one!!

Choir Music-Ho Ho Watanay

start video at 1:35.


You can contact Mrs. Koester at dkoester@usd232.org

If you are looking for even MORE fun things to do, ask mom or dad to follow me on Twitter at @DawnKoester1 where I have found a million different easy, fun activities.

Have you guys seen "PE With Joe" on YouTube?! He is awesome! Every day he does a live PE workout for kids from his living room. The only problem is that Joe lives in London so the live version is VERY early for us. Luckily, you can get ALL of them on YouTube any time you want. Give one of them a try and see if you can keep up with him.

If you are looking for a fun game to play try "Upright". All you need is a ball (or make a sock ball) and a laundry basket (a box or anything you can roll into will work too). Get creative with your supplies and challenge someone at home or see what your personal best is.

Remember, if you have a great idea of something fun for all of us to do, please feel free to send me a video or an email explaining how to do it. I would LOVE to see what you are coming up with to stay active. You can even send videos or pictures of you doing one of the listed activities.

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Contact Mrs. Hrabik by email at

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It's Earth Day On April 22, Let's Celebrate

Write a love letter to the planet

Take, find, or draw a picture of your favorite place. Add text boxes or a voice recording of why you love it and how you’ll take care of it.

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Take a Code Break - Digital Information with the founder of Instagram, Mike Krieger

Computer science is super fun because it is creative and playful. Whether it’s solving a puzzle, coding art, or designing an app, you can learn it all during this hour of code. You can join live every Wednesday at noon with the founder of Code.org and special guests for coding fun. If you can't join live, you can watch previous week's recording. Also, when you sign up, Code.org will send you follow up activities from the week's hour. This week, we’ll learn about digital information, starting from pixels all the way to recreating one of the most popular features in Instagram. Questions? Email me, lsmithhrabik@usd232.org

Click below to sign up to Take A Code Break