New Year, New You!

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What A Year!

I dont know about y'all, but I CANNOT BELIEVE how fast this past year flew by! But I have to was a fabulous one!

I started a new career, found out Im having a baby and celebrated 2 years of marriage with my husband! Those 3 things alone would have been enough, but I feel so lucky to be able to say that there were many more highlights and memories to look back on with a smile.

Of course, I didnt accomplish all of my goals...didnt even come close! But thats the joy of life right? We are always a work in progress, there is always something to look forward to and every day is a new day to tackle!

So cheers to 2015, to accomplishment, unmet goals, surprises and new resolutions for 2016!

Some of mine? Well they are listed in the photo to the right....but beyond that we also plan on buying a new "baby-mobile", selling our house and buying a new one closer to our jobs, learn how to balance being a wife, mom and teacher, be a better friend, shut off my phone more, take a fabulous vacation and make it to the R+F annual convention in LAS VEGAS!

What do you have going on this year? I would love to hear! :)

January Promotions

Brand New Rewards Program for 2016!

I am SO PUMPED to roll out this new rewards program to you all....I cant take the credit though....I totally got this idea from another consultant. But isnt it a good one??

I will be printing out and sending an updated punch card to all preferred customers at the end of January. Any punches you earned in January will already be accounted for, and I will also keep up with your punches electronically so that both of us always know how close you are to recieving your ENTIRE FREE REGIMEN! Whoop Whoop!

You still have 3 days to maximize your rewards and recieve double punches in January, so dont miss out!

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Did You Know??

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Valentines Day is just around the corner y'all!

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Products in the News!

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Who couldnt use more money...more time...more freedom???

How many of you would trade your full-time career to stay at home with your kids?

How many of you wouldnt, but want the financial freedom to be able to pursue a career that you LOVE...Not just a job you have because you need a paycheck?

How many of you love your current career...but you also love debt for you and your family without having to worry about being able to pay the bills...setting up a college fund for your littles...putting some extra away in your savings for the future???

Whatever your life goals may be, you ABSOLUTELY CAN create the life you want to live with R+F! Endless possibilities for you and your family are within your reach...dont stand in the way of your own opportunities any longer.

Two years ago it only took a friend 5 minutes to share her story with me....and it only took me 5 minutes to decide that I DID NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS! It took me a couple more days to swallow my fears and say yes...but you know what? I was even more scared to say no! I have never once regretted my decision to join Rodan + Fields, and am even more thankful today that I have this "little side-gig" that will be allowing me to stay home for 12 weeks with my newborn son in March. Without this opporunity I would most definately be returning to work at 6 weeks and in search of free childcare (HA!) for a few more months so that we could "save up" for me to be able to bring my little one to preschool with me. I can most certainly say that I do not know what I would do without R+F right now.

It would only take me 5 minutes to share my full story with you....and I would love nothing more than to do so, if you are even the slightest bit interested in career or financial freedom.

You can also listen anonymously to the informational call that is posted above to learn more about the company, the products, and the business plan I love so much! Let me know that you listened and Ill send you some free samples to try out! :)

Beyond the Shave: Skincare for the man in your life!

Recent Before & Afters Faves! Submit your B&A's to Corp to get a free regimen - directions below!

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Not ready to commit to a full regimen? Your in luck! I place a bulk order at least once a month, every single month! To be eligable to sign-up as a Preferred Customer you must spend an minimum of $80....but what if you just want to try the eye cream? No problem!

I can work with, and make recommendations for any type of budget y'all! If you would like try something and spend less than $80, let me know! I will get your product added to my bulk order, where you will receive free shipping and pay zero tax!

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It's my 2 year Anniversary with Rodan + Fields!

So to celebrate, I'm sharing a few of a favorite things!!

Without all of you I would never be where I am today in my Rodan + Fields guys are why I do this and LOVE it! I absolutely love being able to help you all with your various skin needs and wants, your confidence, happiness and financial freedom! Thank you for being the best customer and friends ever!!

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you own your own business, work for yourself, or maybe you have a fabulous "side-gig" like me! I would LOVE to support you in any way I can! Purchase from you, recommend you to friends, partner on events and special promotions, and even advertise for you in my newsletters!

Ok, so on to the good stuff! On February 1st I will be doing 8 drawings- one for each of my absolute favorite products, shown above! How do you get your name in this drawing?? Just make a preferred customer purchase before January 31st and you get an entry! Refer a friend that purchases and you get another! Join my team and you get to pick 3 of these for free!

Can't wait to see who wins!!