Computer Hardware

Florence Haly

Hard Drive HHD/SSD

A hard drive is something that is in your computer. It stores all of your documents, music, videos, programs, and lots more. SSD stands for solid state drive. An SSD is similar to a Hard Drive, although it is much smaller and faster, but it is also more expensive. It is smaller because it does not have a disk and arm inside. This means that when it is jolted around or shaken, it is not at risk of the arm breaking as nothing is moving, and so this means your data should be safe. You can find SSDs in things like phones, and Ipads.

Optical Drive

An Optical Drive is the device in things like your computer and DVD player which allows you to play an Optical Disk. This is a disk like a DVD, a CD or a Blu-Ray disk. All of these read information, but there are some DVD writers, or Blu-Ray writers, that can write disks too. This means that you can store things like documents and music on a disk.


A Monitor is the screen on things like your computer, phone, and laptop. It enables you to see things like DVDs and games, and allows you to do things on them aswell. It lights up and it lets you see things on screens on things like a computer.


A CPU is a central processing unit. It is the brain of a computer. It tells the computer what to do. It calculates things, and makes all of the decisions. The largest manufacturer of CPUs is called INTEL. Other companies make CPUs as well as INTEL. Storage on CPUs is measured in Hertz, and Gigga Hertz