The Trillium

News & Events from Holy Trinity Montessori: April / May 2014

Here's What's Happening...

Wow, is this ever a busy time for us at Holy Trinity Montessori! Just this week alone, we have several big activities and important things to remember. As we are rapidly approaching the conclusion of the school year, please remember to check all of the updates you receive from us so that you don't miss out on anything. More dates and announcements will be added. We will continue to update our website, release flyers, and communicate as much as possible with you and we appreciate your enthusiasm for all that is going on at our school.

Important Dates


4/7-4/15 Easter Ham Fundraiser Sale

4/10 9AM-12PM Outdoor Work Day

4/10 6PM Discovery Night: Positive Parenting, Effective Discipline
4/11 9AM-11AM Lower Elementary Presents: World Day

4/18 Good Friday--School Closed for Easter Break
4/20 DEADLINE to purchase tickets for Pop-Up Supper Club

5/2 HTM Presents: Pop-Up Supper Club
5/6 Teacher Appreciation Day
5/9 Grandparent & Special Friend Day; Friend Festival
5/9 "Little Red Riding Hood," A Play by Kennedy Jenkins featuring the Lower Elementary Players (to be performed during Grandparent and Special Friend Day)
5/16 "Kids Day Off," an HTM Special Event produced by Mathias Dennis
5/23 Last Day of School: Half Day

Easter Ham Fundraiser

We are excited to partner with Wolf Candy BBQ to present a great fundraising opportunity to our HTM Community! Between now and Tuesday, April 15, we will be selling Honey-Glazed Smoked Hams as an HTM Fundraiser. These beautiful and delicious smoked hams are already an amazing deal at just $55 each--and Holy Trinity Montessori will receive 20% of the price of each ham sold! We encourage you to consider purchasing one for your Easter table, but would love for you to spread the word to your friends, neighbors, and family in the Nashville area.

A few details from Wolf Candy BBQ: "Each spiral-cut bone-in ham is covered in our sweet signature glaze (featuring honey, brown sugar, and our secret blend of spices) and smoked for hours to seal in delicious smoky flavor. Hams are fully cooked in our local USDA-approved facility, then vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness and are easily warmed in the oven before serving. Our hams have a cooked weight of 6-8 pounds and will feed 12-16 people."

Be on the lookout today for more details about this unique fundraising opportunity!

Outdoor Work Day

Please join us this Thursday from 9AM to noon as we work together to do a little "spring cleaning" on our grounds! Students from Christ Presbyterian Academy will be joining us as part of a community work project as well, so we'll have a lot going on across our campus. This will be a great opportunity for you to spend some time working WITH your child to beautify our common outdoor areas--spend time working in the garden, spreading mulch, weeding planters, and more. We will also be working on a few projects for our Trash to Treasure auction, which is taking place during our Pop-Up Supper Club. So if you're handy or crafty or if you just want to participate, this is a great option as well. Please bring along any tools or supplies that may be helpful as we spend time outside on Thursday! See you at 9am!

Discovery Night: Positive Parenting, Effective Discipline

Our next Discovery Night is coming up soon...join us on Thursday, April 10 at 6pm for a very insightful look into Positive Parenting, Effective Discipline. This is a great opportunity for every parent and caregiver, so feel free to bring along a guest or two.

This is our most popular topic and it always seems to draw the largest crowd--and for good reason! Most parents want to improve their parenting skills, and many are actively seeking out the best ways to effectively discipline and train their children. For more information on this topic, please click here.

Lower Elementary Presents: World Day

Join us on April 11 from 9am-11am to check out World Day, presented by our Lower Elementary friends! They're hard at work on their Nations Projects and they cannot wait to show them off. During World Day, you'll get to see each Lower Elementary student's contribution: an in-depth research project on the country of their choice, featuring a display that highlights national foods, cultures, traditions, languages, and more. Come to taste some new foods, encourage our young friends, and learn a thing or two about our neighbors around the world!

HTM Presents: Pop-Up Supper Club

If you haven't yet purchased your tickets to the HOTTEST event of the year, it's time! Our Pop-Up Supper Club is just three weeks away, on May 2, and the DEADLINE to purchase tickets is April 20. Since this event includes a specially-crafted meal, we must have a definite headcount and will not be able to sell tickets at the door. To purchase tickets and secure your spot, please go to our website (a steal at $50/person--or buy the table!).

Join us for an evening of casual dining and entertainment, featuring Hors D'ouvres, Specialty Cocktails, and a 4-Course Regional Farm-to-Table Dinner, along with giveaways and a few other surprises. So make sure you hire a babysitter and invite all of your will NOT want to miss this very special event, happening May 2 at HTM!

Friends Festival

Every year, our young friends invite their Grandparents and other Special Friends to join them for a great morning at school. This year, on May 9, we're adding another layer of FUN to this wonderful tradition by introducing our Friends Festival! This will be a great opportunity for you and your child to invite a grandparent, aunt, neighbor, caregiver, etc. to check out the school and have some fun together. We plan to offer games, food, activities, and more! Be sure to forward the SPECIAL INVITATION for this event to the most meaningful people in your child's life, and mark your calendar now for this fantastic day of celebrating them!