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By: Sara, Tony, and Faith

The world can be a beautiful place

With some things prettier than others and life may seem great at parts. But you might not know how dangerous the world can be. There are tectonic plates in the world that have a certain effect. They all move in different directions right, left, forward, backward, etc... That is what causes volcanoes to form and earthquakes to happen. Here are some places that can be camouflaged of their danger by their beautiful places and sight sees.

Seeley, California

Why People want to live here?

Seeley, California a beautiful place where people wished they could live. With Great cabin for rent for a summer of relaxation. Not only do they have great beautiful cabin they have a magnificent sight of a lake to swim in. They have a shore line along the lake to tan and have a lovely lunch. They have great landmarks to visit with your family and friends. Seeley is located 32.78 degrees N of the equator and 115.68 Degrees W of the Prime Meridian. With a population of 1739 people you have to make this place interesting enough so people want to live here. It is a great place to live because of it’s beauty and sightseeing.

Tectonic Plate Activity!

California’s Earthquakes are caused by the moving and colliding of the South American Tectonic Plates. As to the dangerous volcanic movement going on this is caused by the breaking of rock and the lava escaping. To the earthquakes that are caused it also caused a very severe climate changes in parts of California. It has caused it to rain in 70 degree weather.AS Death Valley to hold the record for the highest temperature at the temperature of 134 Degrees F because of the fault lines and Climate Changes.

Why is California so dangerous

California has had worlds highest temperatures that can get over 110 degrees Fahrenheit that in some cases can turn to death. Average people killed per year just from the temperature is 1,322 people. Now, the amount of people killed from the earthquakes and volcanoes are 13,298 people. The cost of it isn't very pleasant either. That is 72,000 dollars. Over the years these numbers will go up because California will tend to get more dangerous. It’s a better thing this happens every 14 years.


Why do People want to Live here?

Chile in a wonderful place. They have beautiful snow capped mountains that you can see from a far distance. There is the Atacama Desert, it is the highest and driest desert in the world. Don't forget about about Easter Island and the funny statues with hats them. Another interesting fact is that Chile holds the record of having the largest pool in the world. If you are wanting a more luxurious vacation you have to visit Vina Del Mar, Valparaiso and Santiago.Chile is a great place to vacation to, there are so many places to visit and things to do, it definitely should be on your list on places to go or visit.

Tectonic Plate Activity!

The tectonic plate action in Chile is very rare it is where three plates meet it is called “Triple Junction.” Most of the South American continent is covered by the Nazca plate, and the South American plate. But at the tip of the continent the Antarctic plate boarding just that small part. The part that makes such bad earthquakes is that the Nazca plate is subducting beneath the South American at a rate of 80 mm a year, and the Antarctic plate is subducting beneath the South American plate too at 20 mm a year. All of that subduction underneath one plate is what causes such terrible earthquakes.

Why is Chile so Dangerous?

Even though Chile may seem like a beautiful place to visit just make sure you are careful, there could be an earthquake at anytime or any moment. Just like the 1960 earthquake that was recorded as the biggest earthquake in the world, and it still is today no earthquake has ever been bigger. 1,655 people died; 3,000 injured; 2,000,000 homeless;and $556 million in damage. It created a tsunami that caused 6 deaths and $75 million in damage in Hawaii; 138 deaths and $150 million in damage in Japan; 32 dead and missing in the Philippines; and $500,000 in damage to the west coast of the United States. Now you know why it was recorded the biggest earthquake in the whole world. If you do go to Chile watch out! and be safe.

Kyushu Japan

Why do people want to live here?

Kyushu Japan, a wonderful place to visit if people don’t mind going that far.Kyushu Japan 33 degrees N and 131 degrees E. I know that it doesn’t sound fun right now but just wait. Kyushu is a magnificent place to visit because it has wonderful hot springs to just go and relax in, amazing food service at the hotels, amazing temples to visit, beautiful parks to go visit and much more.In Kyushu you have many things to do up there so you don’t get bored. It has a population of 13,231,995 people living there so people like living there.

Tectonic Plate Activity!

The Pacific plate is causing a lot of eruptions in Kyushu Japan because of all the movement going on. With all of this movement the more and more eruptions are going to happen and more deaths are occurring there too. The tectonic plates are moving around and shifting and then when all of the plates are moving around they are causing more and more tectonic activity. Mountains have been created by tectonic activity and movement. Also little islands have been created by tectonic activity.

Why is Kyushu Japan so dangerous?

Kyushu has very many dangers to it because of all the volcanic eruptions that are happening and all the earthquakes. With all of the eruptions and earthquakes going on and being around the people should definitely know that this is a dangerous place to be but all of the scenery is what keeps them there. The earthquakes are very dangerous and the deaths were extremely high over 10,000 people were killed and the money cost was well over 2,000,000 million dollars in damage. Volcanic eruptions are commonly in Kyushu. Also when this is happening the people can not really do anything when its going on so they just have to deal with it because it just happens out of nowhere.

Now that you know

Some places that are extremely dangerous yet a beautiful place to go. You can be a little bit more picky about where you choose to take your vacation. Its nice to know some things about places you're unsure about. Now pick a place, make a reservation, pack your bags and fly off to the trip of a life time.