Salem Witch Trials & McCarthyism

The Crucible

  • The Crucible was a play written in 1953 by Arthur Miller.
  • It was set to surround the Salem Witch Trials in 1692-1693.
  • Play is about the witch hunts of the Salem, Massachusetts.
  • After accusations from a few girls, People were accused of being a witch just because of the way they behaved and how they looked
  • Many townspeople were hanged on charges of witchcraft.
  • Resulted in 20 deaths people .


  • the practice of making accusations or subversion without proper regard for evidence.
  • Happened in the 1950's
  • Resulted in no deaths
  • Involved communism
  • based off Salem Witch Trials
  • Involved Joesph McCarthy
  • Related to the Red Scare


  • Both involved witch hunting.
  • False claims without real proof
  • involved Salem Witch Trials
  • Caused Mass Hysteria
  • Involved series of witch trials