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KWCPS Technology Department

What's New?!

The school year is off to a great start thanks to the hard work of many dedicated staff members. The KWCPS technology department welcomed two new employees this year: Mr. Semuel Hackett (Technology Specialist) and Mr. Ethan McBride (Computer Technician). Both hit the ground running and are eager to assist staff and students with technology integration!

Here's what's new in KWCPS:

  • 30 iPads were purchased to create a mobile learning lab. Teachers can sign up online to have the lab come to their classroom!
  • Chromebooks were purchased to replace and supplement tired machines. Each of KW's four schools received Chromebooks to be used for researching and testing by students.
  • 5 Chrome COWs were born! Two Chrome COWs (Computers on Wheels) are located at KWHS, two are at HHMS, and one is at AES
  • MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) was implemented in Grades K-12. Students have completed their first online assessment. Teachers are now running reports and analyzing data to drive their instruction.
  • All KWCPS faculty and staff have received training by the KW Tech Team on how to transfer their files to Google Drive, as KWCPS is a Google for Education School Division!
  • 12 iPad were purchased to assist ELLs (English Language Learners) with learning English! Students can use these devices as they practice English with Rosetta Stone. Increased by 9 students this year, KWCPS now educates 24 ELLs!
  • 10 Mac minis were installed in the KWHS graphic arts lab
  • ITRS Weekly Newsletters feature something innovative and fun to try out! Newsletters are posted on the Technology Department webpage.
  • KWCPS received a donation of 50 laptops from Virginia Stars!

Instructional Technology Resource Specialists: Mike Embrey and Brittany Groff

Visit the ITRS website to learn about Power Teacher, Interactive Achievement, Pear Deck, Smore, and More!

Feel free to contact the Tech Team (a.k.a. KW Geek Squad)

  • Patricia Butler, Information Systems Specialist, AES ext. 541
  • Mike Embrey, ITRT, CSPS ext. 525
  • Tara Garner, Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Technology, ext. 507
  • Brittany Groff, ITRT, HHMS ext. 526
  • Semuel Hackett, Technology Specialist, KWHS ext. 639
  • Ethan McBride, Computer Technician, SBO ext. 513