Video Game Designer

Character Artist

Minimum Requirements

There are no degree requirements, but of course it's always to have one. You must have a portfolio of all of you're drawing, projects, etc., and advanced training or other school for design and 3D modeling. Lastly, you need to have a general knowledge of tools such as Photoshop, Corel, Zbrush, Maya, Max, etc.


In this career, you take 2D concepts and turn them into 3D characters for video games that can be animated. After that, the character gets sculpted and, if it gets approved, has texture added to them.


The advantage you get if you have a better degree is higher pay (if you're a lead artist as opposed to a normal artist).

Higher Education

A higher education is not necessary for this job, but it is helpful. However, advanced training is necessary.


You must: be creative, imaginative and original, be fluent in a number of software packages, understand the market and target audience for computer games, have problem-solving skills, enjoy playing computer/video games, be patient, be able to work under pressure, and know the difference between good designs and bad designs.

Pay Ranges

As a normal artist, the pay range can be from $40-65,000, but as a lead artist, the range can be from $65-80,000.