Brenden's poems

4th grade

haiku poem

I live on cyclone,

teams come to play there hardest,

harlan ends on top.

limerick poem

there once was a guy named lance,

he wore extremely baggie pants,

the pants fell down,

in the middle of town,

and we all saw him start to dance.

acrostic poem




couplet poem

My dog is big and black,

he likes to run the track.

we went fishing on the dock,

then i cought a big red sock.

it is hunting season,

go hunting theres no reason.

diamante poem


hard, round,

flys, rolls, hits,

lether, plastic, skin, seams.

bounce, bruise, squeezed,

large, yellow.


bio poem


who is athletic, nonsmart, funcky, fun

son of Lance and Shannon

who fears unicorns and tuna

who needs a baeball feild and a pond

giver of jokes and scores

who would like to meet matt holiday and yadier malina

resident of harlan IA


shape poem-fire

bright light fight

warm storm

burn turn

spred fled said