Ms. Valentour's Mumblings

Week of October 10th-14th

Hello 4 Day Week!

Fundations- This week we introduced the suffixes -es, -s, -ed, -ing, -er, and -est. We went over that -s and -es makes a word plural. We only add -es when the word ends in

-s, -ch, -sh, -x, or -z. We went over the -ing suffix and that is added to a word showing that an action is happening now vs. an -ed suffix that is added to a word that shows that an action has already happened in the past. Finally, -er and -est are used to make comparisons. Er is used when comparing two things and -est is used to compare three things.

Literacy- We looked at character's point of view. We had a really fun activity where we joined together with Mrs. Turley's class and read, "Hey, Little Ant." We saw the different point of view from the boy and the ant. It was fun to work with our same numbered partner from the other second grade class. We also practiced a Reader's Theater, "The Three Little Pigs." We were in groups of five and performed for our class. This Reader's Theater was sent home, so you can do your own Reader's Theater with your family if you would like.

Read Naturally-We have a new computer program to work on our fluency. We will be using it every morning in our classroom! Mrs. Love helped to test each one of our students during our L.R.C. time and we tried it out for the first time on Friday morning! We can pick a story to read, it has a vocabulary component, comprehension questions, but the main component is fluency. It's a wonderful resource for our 2nd graders!

Math-We finished up our Real-World Experience for Measurement and Data which was constructing a paper bird house and graphing the results of the class. We also made corrections to our Unit 1 Measurement and Data Test. The first test will be coming home in the homework folder today. Included with the Post-test is the Pre-test along with a growth report (you will see how much your 2nd grader grew from the pre-test and the corrections that they made after the Post-test). You will also see their reflection sheet-the only thing marked on that will be the type of mistake they made-a simple mistake, math mistake, or process mistake. We had a discussion about this type of mistake--a simple mistake would be you just wrote the wrong number. A math mistake would be an addition, subtraction, or measuring mistake. A process mistake would be making a mistake during your process-like forgetting an x on your graph for example. Also, the grading scale was changed for math--if you child scored 80-100% they would be Meeting our 2nd grade standards. If they scored between 66-79% they would be Developing our 2nd grade standards. If they scored 65% and below they would be Beginning our 2nd grade Standards. To be Extending at 2nd grade--your child would have to show they knew the 2nd grade Pre-Test and are ready to work on 3rd grade standards for that unit.

Ten Marks-Our District Math Coach Rachel Manjarres joined us 3 days this week to teach our classroom about our new computer math program called Ten Marks! Our class loves it! I am able to pick lessons that align with the units that I am currently teaching in math, so it's a great teaching tool. The kids also collect coins to open up a game to play for 10-30 minutes, depending on how many coins they have! Second graders CAN play Ten Marks at home. A letter is coming home today explaining how to play Ten Marks at home!

Writer's Workshop- We worked on taking one of our pieces of narrative writing and looking closely at it with our narrative check-list. Next week, we are going to be writing our post-assessment piece. Over the weekend, it would be great to brain storm with your second grader some small moment stories they could write, so they have some ideas in their minds!

D.A.R.E.-We had our first D.A.R.E. lesson with Officer Hogan from the Woodridge Police Station today. He reminded our students about safe trick-or-treating rules and to never open any candy without an adult checking it first. His main lesson of the class was the difference between rules and laws.

National Feral Cat Day-Ms. Valentour explained to both 2nd grades the importance of feral cats in the community. October 16th is National Feral Cat Day and it's celebrated in all communities. Ask your second grader why it's so important and what marking can be found on a feral cat and why cats should be left in their community and not taken to a shelter.

Special Events Coming Up....

October 21st-School Spirit Day! Wear Red or Meadowview Gear

October 21st-Anti-Bullying Assembly 10:00

October 24th-Red-Ribbon Week Begins

October 28th-End of 1st Quarter

School Spirit Day! Wear Red or Meadowview Gear

Halloween Dance 6:30 p.m.

October 31st-No School: Teacher Inservice Day!

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National Feral Cat Day 2016: Alley Cat Allies in Action