After High School Plans

Education Plans For After High School

College of Choice:

University of Oregon


  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Mountainous regions

Requirements For Enrollment:

  • Graduate from a standard or accredited high school
  • Earn a C- or better in 15 college preparatory classes
  • English - 4 years, Mathematics - 3 years, Science - 3 years, Social Studies - 3 years
  • Submit your official high school transcripts
  • Submit SAT or ACT scores
  • Submit an application essay
  • Optional second essay on yourself

Degree I Am After:

I plan to go for my Master's Degree in Psychology.


  • See birds of prey at the Cascades Raptor Center
  • Visit the Saturday Market

Cost in total:

Total fees for each year would be a total of $5,800 per year. Personally, I already have my 1st and 2nd years paid for so the total cost for me will be $5,800


The total number of students that enrolled was 24,125 based off the enrollment for fall term 2015

Student-Teacher Ratio

The ratio for students to teachers is 18 students for every 1 teacher.

Fafsa Completion Date

The Fafsa form must be completed and turned in no later than March 1st.

Climate/Seasonal Temperature Averages

Summer high: 79°F

Summer low: 50°F

Winter high: 48°F

Winter low: 34°F