Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So What the Heck is it?

Well it's really just one of our classrooms that was rarely used. However, it is now a classroom that houses a piece of every technology we offer at our school for you to use (i.e. Smartboard, PC's, iPads, etc.) It provides an environment where you can mess around with the technology without any judgement, pressure, or time constraints. There are no students around, and so the opportunity to learn outside of the typical classroom is now available every day.

Why create it?

Two of the main obstacles that we have found when it comes to the adoption of education technology (#edtech) into lessons are time and availability. Many teachers have said they just don't have the time to try out a new piece of software, hardware, or other piece of technology; and if they do, they just don't have a space to try it out in (availability). Many of us don't feel like trying out a website for the first time in the class with the actual students - plenty of problems may arise, and there we are standing at the front of the classroom wondering what to do next?! Therefore, with the Technasium, you are able to access any web 2.0 tool, software, or hardware (a simple printer even) so that you can integrate them into your lessons. The direction the board is moving in is toward integrating technology into every lesson (hence BYOD); and therefore, we are trying to provide an opportunity to do so.

When is it Open?

It is open every period of every day, so that you can come in and prepare lessons using the technology you have available to use in your classroom.

Why not use it in department and course teams as it provides a highly collaborative learning environment.

Where is it?

It's room 227 - second floor, southeast corner. It used to be a Math room and therefore is keyed for Math. We're hoping to change this so everyone's staffroom keys can open the room. If you cannot gain access during your spare or lunch, please just ask a Math person, or Jim, or myself.

***But please remember there is a lot of valuable technology that we don't want to see walk out of the room, so please make sure the door is always locked.***

What is available?

Flipped Classroom PC
  • A computer devoted to creating educational videos to be used as part of your flipped classroom instruction.


  • An apple computer to play around on and use its creativity features.


  • Two iPad Minis to see how you can effectively implement tablet devices into your classroom.


  • The same computers available in your classroom, available for you in the Technasium.

Document Camera

  • See how much more you can do with a document camera than you can with an overhead projector.


  • Come try out an interactive whiteboard.


  • Yes even a printer is available so you can learn how to fix those pesky paper jams.

Digital Projector

  • See how your lessons will display in the classroom.

Pinterest Board

  • Share edtech tools with your coworkers.

Twitter Wall

  • Found an interesting conversation on #Twitter? Share it here.

Digital Citizenship Posters

  • Some useful posters that you can copy and use for your classroom to promote digital citizenship.

Technasium Dojo

  • Well what would be complete without a little incentive & competition.

What is the #Technasium DOJO?

A dojo is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way".

The term can refer to a formal training place for any of the Japanese do arts.

The Technasium Dojo will be a place to learn, train, collaborate, and share skills pertaining to education technology.

The Belt System:

Each time you learn, adopt, or share a piece of education technology you will earn a belt Each belt signifies a different level of expertise. When you acquire all belts you will become a #Technasium Ninja Master

  1. White Belt (Student) - Read website, watch video, read infographic, etc. (on edtech item)
  2. Green Belt (Sensei) - use the tool in your lesson with your students
  3. Black Belt (Master) - blog about your experience using the tool on Peel's BYOD page, or your own blog (how you used it)

The Reward:

  • The one who earns the most belts wins the prize! (TBD)