The Frankenstein News

By Kaley Nelson


William Frankenstein lays to rest today from being killed by what sources claim to be a FREAK accident. Some sources also claim that Justine Moritz was his killer.

Justine Moritz lays to rest today from being hung, she was accused of killing William Frankenstein.

Henry Clerval lays to rest today after being killed by Victor Frankenstein's creation. Victor was devastated.

Elizabeth Lavenza lays to rest today as she was killed on her wedding night by Frankenstein's creation as the creation wanted revenge.

Victor Frankenstein lays to rest today as he has died from illness, on a ship.

The final death is the death of Frankenstein's monster, this creation died as he was burned to death.

Letters to the editor

Dear Ms. Nelson,

My name is Victor Frankenstein and I am writing this letter to you to explain my predicament. So as you probably know, I made a creature. It has been killing many people I love and others. I am on the verge of death, I am gravely ill. I want you all to know, that I take full responsibility for the creatures actions.


Sources were showing Frankenstein's creature talking to it's master saying it wants a friend, or mate. Is love in the air? Will Frankenstein make the creature a friend?

Another source says that Mr. Frankenstein is engaged to Elizabeth Lavenza. Congratulations Victor and Elizabeth!