Weekly Newsletter 12/2/21

Breaking Down the Walls!

The video below is about the original HIGH SCHOOL version of Breaking Down the Walls. Longer, more serious, age-appropriate. The middle school version is shorter, lighter, and all about community, communication, and connection.

Coming out of the Quarantines/Shut Downs, we are seeing the manifestation of everything kids have been through since March 13, 2020. It shows up in different ways for different kids - across the nation. Middle School is ALREADY the hardest and most important 3 years of a young person's life. It is where they grow and develop socially, physically, emotionally, and relationally with others. For our current 8th Graders, those experiences were cut out and interrupted. Each level is unique in their development, and with what their needs are.

Breaking Down the Walls has been in VUSD at RBV and VHS at different times since the early 2000's. And VIDA had done it several times since we opened, the last being the end of January 2020. We are excited to bring it back, as a gift and an investment in our students, our community and our vida @ VIDA...

Breaking Down the Walls
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See details below in Grade Level section.
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Breaking Down the Walls

Schedule details for when students in 7th * 8th Grades below in Grade Level sections.

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Math Tutoring!!!

  • Do you need some extra help with Math?
  • Come to tutoring in Room 716 with Ms Thompson!
  • 6th Gr = Monday
  • 7th Gr = Tuesday
  • 8th Gr = Wednesday
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VIDA Writing Center!

  • Want to improve your writing?
  • Need help with an AXES paragraph, or essay for class?
  • Want someone to sit and help you go through edits?
  • Make an appointment to spend some time during Period 2 to work with a VIDA Teacher on your writing!
  • Email for an appointment:
  • Writing Support Request CLICK HERE
  • More Information CLICK HERE

VUSD Calendar & VIDA Bell Schedule

This is the 2021-22 VUSD Calendar: CLICK HERE
  • This will help you know when schools are closed, when there are Minimum Days, and when the school year ends.

This is the Bell Schedule for different days by Grade Level and Days: CLICK HERE

  • Mondays are Late Start. School starts @ 9:30am, and students attend all classes.
  • Tuesday & Thursday are "ODD Blocks" + Lunch & Design Lab.
  • Wednesdays & Fridays are "EVEN Blocks" + Lunch & Design Lab.
  • School ends at 3:08pm, everyday, unless there is an official Minimum Day.
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Vida After VIDA/SIV:

Part of the Arc of Learning at VIDA are these two axis lines:

  • "I know and use my Strengths, Interests, and Values."
  • "Who I am: What have I done, what can I do, what do I aspire towards?"
To build our awareness around this, we engage in intentional activities and integrate these into our experiences as often as we can.
  • 12/6/21:

    • 7th & 8th Grades need to be prepped for Breaking Down the Walls.

  • 12/13/21:

    • We will facilitate a debriefing with/for the 7th/8th Graders

    • 6th Grade will have an activity

  • 12/20/21:

    • Design Lab time to teachers

  • 12/27/21:


  • 1/3/22:


  • 1/10/22:


  • 1/17/22:

    • Last Monday of Semester 1!!! Design Lab time to teachers.

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Parent Workshops (Vida After VIDA - Life After VIDA).

"Vida After VIDA" (Life After VIDA) Parent Workshops!

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6th Grade News!

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7th Grade News!

Breaking Down the Walls Schedule!!!!! Based on 7th Gr ELA Class Rosters

Tuesday 9:00am - 11:45am in Gym

  • Mrs Larsen Period 1
  • Mrs Larsen Period 4
  • Mrs Larsen Period 8
  • Mrs Schwartz Period 2

Wednesday 9:00am - 11:45am in Gym

  • Mrs Kriedeman Period 2
  • Mrs Kriedeman Period 8

Thursday 9:00am - 11:45am in Gym

  • Mrs Larsen Period 3
  • Mrs Larsen Period 7
  • Mr McCarty Period 2

Friday 9:00am - 11:45am in Gym

  • Mrs Kriedeman Period 1
  • Mrs Kriedeman Period 4
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8th Grade News!

BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS SCHEDULE!!!!! Based on 8th Grade Design Lab.

Tuesday 12:45pm-3:08pm (Go straight from Lunch to Gym)

  • Mrs Bland Period 6
  • Ms Crews Period 6
  • Mr Irvin Period 6

Wednesday 12:45pm-3:08pm (Go straight from Lunch to Gym)

  • Mr Van Der Linden Period 6
  • Ms Boian Period 6

Thursday 12:45pm-3:08pm (Go straight from Lunch to Gym)

  • Mrs Takano Period 6
  • Mr Becker (Brinker) Period 6

Friday 12:45pm-3:08pm (Go straight from Lunch to Gym)

  • Mr Ruiz
  • Mr Eiben


  • December 17th
  • 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • District rules require students to either be Fully Vaccinated, or a Negative Covid Test within 72 Hours of the event.
  • We will have Testing available on campus for students who are not Fully Vaccinated attending Winter Formal. PARENT PERMISSION IS REQUIRED and must be Pre-Registered at the following link: CLICK HERE.
  • On-campus testing will be Tuesday, December 14th, from 10:00am - 12:45pm in Room 511.
  • If your child is Fully Vaccinated and you have NOT yet sent in a copy of their Vaccination Card, it may be emailed to
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What is Eric reading?


In a world that seems so troubled, how do we hold on to hope?

Looking at the headlines—the worsening climate crisis, a global pandemic, loss of biodiversity, political upheaval—it can be hard to feel optimistic. And yet hope has never been more desperately needed.

In this urgent book, Jane Goodall, the world's most famous living naturalist, and Douglas Abrams, the internationally bestselling co-author of The Book of Joy, explore through intimate and thought-provoking dialogue one of the most sought after and least understood elements of human nature: hope. In The Book of Hope, Jane focuses on her "Four Reasons for Hope": The Amazing Human Intellect, The Resilience of Nature, The Power of Young People, and The Indomitable Human Spirit.

Drawing on decades of work that has helped expand our understanding of what it means to be human and what we all need to do to help build a better world, The Book of Hope touches on vital questions, including: How do we stay hopeful when everything seems hopeless? How do we cultivate hope in our children? What is the relationship between hope and action? Filled with moving and inspirational stories and photographs from Jane’s remarkable career, The Book of Hope is a deeply personal conversation with one of the most beloved figures in the world today.

While discussing the experiences that shaped her discoveries and beliefs, Jane tells the story of how she became a messenger of hope, from living through World War II to her years in Gombe to realizing she had to leave the forest to travel the world in her role as an advocate for environmental justice. And for the first time, she shares her profound revelations about her next, and perhaps final, adventure.

The second book in the Global Icons Series—which launched with the instant classic The Book of Joy with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu—The Book of Hope is a rare and intimate look not only at the nature of hope but also into the heart and mind of a woman who revolutionized how we view the world around us and has spent a lifetime fighting for our future.

There is still hope, and this book will help guide us to it.

- From Amazon

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Covid Quarantine and Communication

Communications & Protocol for Covid and School Year:

  • If there is an active case of Covid, on campus, and your student was identified as being a Close Contact (defined as within 6' proximity for a cumulative 15 minutes in 24 hours) then you will be notified and your child will be Quarantined. The exception is if your child has been fully vaccinated (defined as 2 weeks post-final vaccination). Proof must be provided in this case.

  • If your child is quarantined, then they will receive daily support/connection with a VUSD Learning Support Teacher, via Zoom, for English and Math.
  • If your child is quarantined, they are to follow along in Canvas for their coursework.
  • If you want to track the number of Covid+ cases on campus, please utilize the VUSD Covid Dashboard: CLICK HERE

VUSD "Student Agreements" for COVID Prevention

The Big 4:

  1. Mask Indoors
  2. Don't eat inside or share food
  3. Bring your own water bottle everyday (we have hydration stations that they can fill up at)
  4. Wash/sanitize your hands often.

All students will be given a copy of the quick & easy infographic pasted below this section.

If you would like to review what VUSD has provided as a comprehensive guide for families you may CLICK HERE. This was originally shared in a Community Update from VUSD.

To reiterate because we have been asked many times -- If your child is fully vaccinated, they are NOT required to Quarantine at this time. Currently 64% of VIDA students are old enough to be vaccinated.

Connect With Us

Vista Innovation & Design Academy (VIDA)

Assurance of Nondiscrimination

Vista Unified School District prohibits unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, intimidation, and bullying in educational programs, activities, or employment, based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, immigration status, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender-identity, or gender expression, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. VUSD requires that school personnel take immediate steps to intervene when safe to do so when he or she witnesses an act of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying.

For questions, concerns or complaints, please contact District Equity and Title IX Compliance Officer: Craig Wiblemo, Executive Director - Student Support Services; 1234 Arcadia Avenue, Vista, CA 92084; (760) 726-2170;

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