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January 2020

  • Superintendent's Mission Matters: School Board Appreciation Month
  • 2017 Mill Levy Override Update
  • What is a graduate profile and what does it mean for my student?
  • What does Choice Window mean?
  • #iamd11 and #weared11
  • Video story: Palmer computer build

January Photos & Events

Superintendent's Mission Matters

As we begin the second half of the year in District 11, I was reminded by our board liaison, Maricela Hidalgo, that the year 2020 represents perfect vision in terms of eyesight; but also, how we as a district will thrive in the years to come. Our vision states, “We are a dynamic, collaborative community of energized educators, engaged students and supportive partners with a passion for continuous learning.” I have the luxury to see this come alive each and every day in District 11, and I appreciate our School Board for their hard work and dedication to ensure our district’s future.

To that end, I want to recognize our Board of Education during the month of January in honor of National School Board Appreciation month. These are volunteers from our community who dedicate a significant amount of their time to our students, families, and staff. They chart a course for governance and provide oversight for policy and fiscal matters. Additionally, they attend numerous events on behalf of District 11 and continually tell our story to the community. Nearly every Wednesday, we have Board meetings (either business or work sessions) to discuss happenings in our district, and I invite our community to attend or tune in on the live stream at www.d11.org/tv to observe for yourself the amazing work our Board does.

I appreciate the leadership of our Board and ask that you take an opportunity to thank them for their volunteer service by clicking here and opting to email the D11 board members collectively. It is through their service that we have a strong vision and a strong future.

Yours in partnership,

Dr. Michael J. Thomas

2017 Mill Levy Override Update

Thanks to our D11 voters who passed the 2017 Mill Levy Override (MLO), our support staff in D11 who are all included in the Education Support Professionals (ESP) employee group received an average of a ten percent increase spread between fiscal year 2017/18 and fiscal year 2018/19. Those pay raises are now imbedded in the ESP salary schedule! For more information on the 2017 MLO, please click here.

What is a Graduate Profile and What Does it Mean for My Student?

A graduate profile is a clear visualization of priority goals for teaching and learning that align with our strategic plan. The eight competencies that all D11 graduates need for success were developed in response to feedback from our community and D11 staff cohorts in 2019. These are skills all graduates need for success in whatever path they follow in life. Focusing on developing these competencies is the best first step to ensuring students will be ready for the challenges of 21st-century life, work, and citizenship.

How can schools and families intentionally and purposefully partner together and prepare students for this rapidly changing, increasingly diverse, and interconnected world? Every month in our D11 Monthly Insights e-newsletter, we will be offering tips for families to use that will encourage the development of the graduate profile characteristics.

This month, consider telling your child when they are demonstrating a skill at home or in a social setting. For example, under the Continuous Learner and Academically Ready characteristics, you might ask, "How did you keep trying when [XYZ] was hard?" Or, "If you want to [XYZ], what's a goal that you might make? What could be your plan to meet the goal?"

Learn more about the D11 Graduate Profile by visiting www.d11.org/graduateprofile.

What does "Choice Window" mean?

For those who've lived in Colorado for a little while, you've most likely heard the term "choice" or "choice window" when it comes to education. If you are new or have questions about what this means, you need to keep reading! The Public Schools of Choice is actually a law in Colorado allowing all Colorado students to "choice" into a school outside of their residential boundaries.

Most schools and school districts will open a "choice window," or period of time when they accept applications from families desiring their student to attend a school outside their residential boundary. School choice also allows families to select schools that most closely align with their educational values, priorities, and student interests.

In D11, our choice window is currently open and runs through February 14, 2020. With 55 schools and a menu of choice programs, we are confident your family will find the right fit for your student's needs. For more information on school choice and the Choice Window, please visit www.d11.org/choice, or call 719-520-2297.

Tell Your Story #iamd11 #weared11

We continue to share the stories of D11 with our fifth installment of Tell Your Story: #IAMD11 or #WEARED11. We know that stories stick with us far more than data points, charts, graphs, or other forms of communication, so we created these two hashtags to capture some of these stories shared on social media. Here are a few #IAMD11 and #WEARED11 social media posts.

Video Story: Palmer Computer Build

Palmer Computer Build