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What We Learned This Week

Reading - This week we read Jamaica Louise James, a story about an 8 year-old girl who has a "cool" idea to paint pictures to display at the subway station where her grammy works. We worked with vocabulary, described the characters and wrote an opinion paragraph telling whether or not Jamaica's idea was good or not.

Writing - We wrote New Year's Resolutions on Monday (ask your kiddo what their's was) The rest of the week we focused on taking notes from non-fiction texts this week in preparation for our Dinosaur Research Projects that we will be starting next week.

Math - We started 2-digit subtraction with regrouping this week and overall the kiddos are doing a great job! Our first couple of lesson involved breaking apart number in order to subtract, then we moved into modeling regrouping using base-10 blocks. This helps the kiddos understand how and why we “borrow tens” when we subtract.

Science - We talked about matter and how everything we see or feel is made up of matter. We read the book What is the World Made Of? and learned that matter can be in 3 different states - solid, liquid and gas.

A Peek at Our Week

Bayshore Family Luau

Our Bayshore Family Luau is coming up at the end of this month. This is a great family event with food, dancing, a photo booth and a Silent Auction. Each classroom is putting together a basket to be auctioned off that night. Our theme is "Sleepover Fun". We are looking for things like popcorn, movies, candy, nail polish, craft sets, nerf guns, glow sticks and other fun, easy activities. Please considering donating any items that you can, or If you would like to send in cash or gift cards I can purchase the items as well.

You can also sign-up to help out at the Luau by clicking on the link below.