Harmony News

February 4

Return to School NEWS

The Loudoun County School Board has directed the Interim Superintendent to begin the return of students to schools.

February 16 - This starts Stages 1 through 3 of the in-person learning model for all students who chose hybrid learning. These are elementary students, EL, and certain SPED students in middle school and high school. For Harmony, this includes 6 students.

March 3 - The Board also approved a "Stage 4 return" of the in-person learning model for all students who chose hybrid learning. For Harmony this is about 300 students on Tuesday and Wednesday and a different 300 on Thursdays and Fridays.

See the Hybrid only optional self guided tours in the article below.

HYBRID Student Information

Check out this link for tour information

Art Students Inspire Hive Time

Each morning, we have the Moment of Silence and pledge of allegiance. We then share art images from our art students. This sample is from 8th grade artists (3D Design and Art 8 classes). Students created Winter Birch Tree Inspired Landscapes for the projects featured.


Western Loudoun Food Distribution

Western Loudoun is having a Food Distribution Event to help with those in need!

RSVP to Carie Losinski at Caridad.Losinski@lcps.org by February 9th (5 PM)

When you confirm your participation with Carie, please provide any specific items you would like in your boxes!

(This event is a Drive-up event- however if you need the food to be delivered please let us know at time of RSVP. We are hoping to fill the pantry with items you are looking for. Please let us know what you like offered on a more regular basis.)

Where is pick-up? At the New Jerusalem Church, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th At 10 AM

Medical Needs for those returning to Hybrid

Parents - Wanting to drop off medications/supplies to the health office?

Our school nurse is splitting time between Harmony and doing vaccinations. If you need to bring medications/action plans to the health office, please contact her prior to coming to be sure that she is in the building that day.

Call 540-751-2504 or email Kathleen.Mills@lcps.org. Kathie Mills, RN, NCSN School Nurse


Check out this flyer for any LCPS families to join the LCPS Ed Tech and EL FACE team for Session 7 of The Family Room: Schoology 2.0 & LCPS Go on Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 at 6 p.m.

The Learning Targets for this Family Room Session are:

· Families will be able to log in to Schoology using ParentVUE

· Families will be able to view their student’s assignments in Schoology

· Families will be able to turn on their Schoology notifications and understand how they work

Thermal Cameras

As part of LCPS continuing efforts to protect the health and well-being of every student and staff member, Loudoun County Public Schools recently installed temperature-sensing thermal cameras at the primary entrances to each of our school buildings and other major worksites.

These cameras greatly enhance LCPS’ ability to monitor the health status of students and employees as they enter our facilities. The thermal-camera system is an enhancement to current LCPS’ processes for identifying individuals who may have symptoms of COVID-19; however, the daily symptom-checker questionnaires, random temperature checks and other screening measures will continue as students return to school.

The cameras measure the body temperature of each individual passing through the entryway. The system photographs individuals whose temperature is 100.4 degrees F or higher, and sends an email to designated staff members to alert them to the presence of an individual with an elevated temperature.

When alerted to an individual with an elevated temperature, school staff members (or other administrators, at non-school work sites) will identify the individual, locate them in the facility and discretely invite them to a care room where their temperature can be confirmed.

If their temperature is confirmed above the 100.4 degree F threshold, care will be provided using established protocols for assisting an individual exhibiting symptoms of illness. Students’ parents will be notified and LCPS staff members will support students until they can depart from the facility safely. Parents/guardians must be informed by school staff any time a student exhibits an elevated temperature, even if the temperature is subsequently confirmed as below the 100.4 degree F threshold.

Who to Contact?



Any Questions:

eric.stewart@lcps.org, principal

patrick.white@lcps.org, assistant principal (assessment)

kristen.hepner@lcps.org, assistant principal (special education)

6th Grade:

valarie.dicarlo@lcps.org, dean

jamie.sharp@lcps.org, counselor

7th Grade:

erin.pinero@lcps.org, dean

alysia.brown@lcps.org, counselor

8th Grade:

eric.mcgrady@lcps.org, dean

christy.pierson@lcps.org, counselor

Attendance Questions:

erin.goodlin@lcps.org, registrar and attendance secretary