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The Dolphin Promise

To teach students, not subjects or textbooks

To make learning joyful

To be proactive rather than reactive

To teach in ways that respond to our students' needs

To meet students where they are

To keep in mind that learning is a process that takes time and commitment

To keep relationships at the core of how we work together

To help each student feel valued, seen, and heard

To create an atmosphere that welcomes every student to belong

To dream big, have perseverance and grit

To challenge all students to learn at high levels

To inspire and motivate students

To include academic challenges so that all students can explore their potential

To love, protect, and care for our community

To be proud of who we are no matter what adversity we face

To be dependable and reliable

To be an upstander

To be Dolphin proud

Message from the principal...

Hello Clifford Community,

We have had an exciting and busy start to this new year. Thank you for bearing with us through this first week back to school amidst this newest Covid surge. The health and safety of our students and families is priority right now, and we are working very hard to notify you quickly of any exposures on campus so we can appropriately address next steps. We know there is a lot of information to sort through surrounding guidelines, and we are trying to be clear and consistent during a time where rules are constantly changing. Thank you for your patience with us as we navigate these issues.

As a reminder, we are trying very hard to limit the spread of Covid at school. Considering this, please be mindful about sending your children to school when there is a Covid positive person living in the same household as a student. We want to protect our community members as well as possible, and your help with this is essential. If your child is exposed to Covid at school, they may need to be Covid tested as part of the process, and that is offered free at school. Please make sure your child is registered with Primary Health so that if they need to be tested, we are able to do that here at Clifford. Once your child is registered, they can also take part in the weekly testing opportunities on an ongoing basis. This process benefits your child and our whole community when you register and test regularly.

We appreciate your partnership now and always as we navigate a new turn with Covid. We will make it through this because we work in strength together.

In Partnership,


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Upcoming Events

January 11th- Dolphin Awards Ceremony/Celebration TK-5

January 17th- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day- NO SCHOOL

January 18th- Principal's Coffee Chat 8:30-9:30 |Link|

January 19th- Kindergarten Information Night- 5PM |Link|

January 20 Virtual PTO Meeting 7PM |Link|

January 25 SSC Meeting 6-7 |Link|

January 31-February 4- Outdoor Ed. 6th-7th Grade

February 18th- Minimum Day- Thursday Schedule

February 21st-25st- President's Week No School for Students

March 8- End of Trimester 2
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Healthy Cities Tutoring invites you to Tutor Orientation and Training (7PMvia Zoom)

Interested in helping a child succeed in school? Have a free hour to volunteer each week? Attend HCT's Tutor Orientation and Training on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 from 6:30pm-8pm to learn how simple it is to apply and help a local student with reading, writing, math, and study skills. For more information visit

View invitation and register Here.

Hope to see you there!!!

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A New Year's Resolution to drive less!

Do you hate the traffic and stress involved with school drop off and pick ups? If you live too far to walk or bike, consider having your kids ride SamTrans to school. Route 73 serves Whipple Ave from Arguello and drops off right in front of our campus every am and pm on school days. Also, Route 295 serves the Alameda, 1/2 mile walk down Eaton to Clifford. Visit and for information about how to ride. Try it with your kids this month!

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YEARBOOK 2021-2022!

We are excited to announce that we will soon be working on our newest yearbook! There will be a team of students, parents, and administration taking the lead in order to develop a wonderful book of memories! Stay tuned for ordering information and other exciting details!

****Attention 8th graders! Do you want to design the Clifford yearbook cover? If so, please submit your design by February 18! Please let me know if you want to look at the prior year covers and/or if you have any questions. This contest is only available to current 8th grade students!**** Turn in artwork to Mr. Noyes in the Main Office

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Dolphin Creed Awards TK-5- announced on 1/11/22!

Dolphin Awards and Criteria...

On January 11th one student from each class will be awarded the Dolphin Creed award!. Each teacher in Tk-5th grade nominates one student from their class who exemplifies what it means to live by our Dolphin Creed. Our students will be recognized in a school wide announcement and our winners will receive a special prize from our Dolphin Depot student store and have their picture showcased in the office for the month. Our middle school students will receive similar recognition, with a twist. Middle school will be recognized by trimester. Each grade level will nominate one student per character trait on the creed. For example, for each grade there will be 5 winners per trimester. They will also receive recognition, their showcased picture in the office, and a special (middle school geared) prize from the Dolphin Depot. These awards are a small way that we can acknowledge and celebrate the great things that our Dolphins do on a daily basis! Additionally, we will also recognize students in 6-8th grade for academic excellence and students who have demonstrated academic improvement.

Students are nominated by their teachers for the Creed awards!

Dolphin Character- Students earning this award show concern and/or sympathy for others, are sensitive to the needs of others, offer support & give their time, talents, and resources to help others, talking positively about others, considering the needs of others, not just their own. They show understanding of others by treating them with compassion, generosity, and a forgiving spirit. These students exemplify the Core Value of Care!

Dolphin Respect—Students earning this award have demonstrated respect for self, others, learning environment and learning. They have good behavior, good attitude, and participate in class on a daily basis. Students earning this award are the most improved students. These students exemplify the Core Values of RESPECT

Dolphin Empathy - Students earning this award have demonstrated care and concern towards other Dolphins. They consistently reach out to others and help them feel cared for. These students exemplify the Core Value of EMPATHY!

Dolphin Eager—Students earning this award exhibit leadership among their peers, earn high grades in all content areas, and are considered a positive role model for their peers. These students are also asking for extra credit and go above and beyond when working on projects and/or special assignments. These students are never tardy between classes and are always ready to learn from bell to bell. These students exemplify the Core Value of being EAGER!

Dolphin Dreamer—Students earning this award are helpful to others, consistent with their work ethic, and are students who try hard in classes. These students set goals and are always looking to the future. These Dolphin Dreamers are not only creative, but they are resourceful and inspire others to think outside the box. The Dolphin Dreamer is gentle by nature and loyal. These students live above their background and don’t let hard times change their course. Even in adversity, they believe they will still be successful! These students exemplify the Core Value of DREAMER!
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Some new items for the front of the school!

Thank you to Don Dias and his crew for beautifying the front of Clifford! See pictures below!
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Help Clifford While you Shop on Amazon!

Earn money for Clifford School when you make purchases on Amazon! Make your Amazon purchases through Amazon will donate a portion of what you spend to Clifford School when you designate Clifford School Parents Club as the recipient of the donations you generate.
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This award-winning film, produced by Oscar-winner Juan José Campanella’s Buenos Aires-based animation studio MundoLoco, tells the real-life experience of a little boy with cerebral palsy whose courage, determination, and light stops the bullying on his neighborhood playground by creating lasting compassion. This powerful film was brought to life by Ian’s mother, Sheila Graschinsky, who witnessed the painful impact exclusion had on her son. Determined to change the paradigm, she started a foundation to promote inclusion through education:
Corto Ian (2018) - Fundación Ian
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Creating Harmony Through Diversity

After overhearing some crayons in toy store complaining about one another, a little girl decides to buy them all and take them home. The girl picks up the colors one by one and draws. When the crayons see the picture they have all helped create, they realize that beautiful things can happen when everyone works together. This classroom favorite began as a poem, and its important message of cooperation was chosen as a theme for the National Anti-Discrimination Campaign for Children.
The Crayon Box That Talked
These books celebrate the diverse cultures of the Asia Pacific and the ways those traditions have become embedded into life in the U.S. They also reflect the resilience of Asian Pacific Americans who call this country home, even in the most difficult of situations.
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The Best STEM Organizations for Girls & Women (& How to Donate) (2022 Reviews)

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10 Science Experiments You Can Eat with Your Kids

Can you spare some time to help with organzing our Auction?

If you have any time to spare please consider partnering with our PTO president in planning and organizing our annual auction. If you are interested or just have some questions, please reach out to

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