By Jennifer Magana

Desert location

Deserts are located in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, & Australia. Many are found near the equator and mountains. Nearly 20 percent of the land surface is desert! Many deserts are found in bands along 30 degrees latitude North and 30 degrees latitude. Those are the places Deserts are found!

Desert Animals

The animals that I chose are the Thorny Devil, Dingo, Fat sand rat, and the Great Mouse. The Thorny Devil looks spiky with a yellow strip on the back, and they eat ant, and termites. Next Dingo looks like fox but with sandy fur, they consume large mammals. In addition The Fat sand rat looks like a mouse but more widely, and they dine on seeds, and vegetation. Last but not least the Great Mouse it looks a tailed bat and its diet is flying insects. Those are the animals I chose.

Desert Animals Adaptions

First, the Thorny Devil has spikes all over its body so not lots of animals would eat it, like a porcupine. Next, the Dingo's fur looks like the sand so it's harder to find. In addition the Fat Sand Rat digs in to the sand to make it harder to catch. Finally the Great Mouse hides in the dark when predators come near. Those are the animals’ adaptions.

Desert's Climate/ Weather

There are many facts about the Desert's climate/weather. To begin with the rainfall is 10 inches per year. Additionally the Desert has two seasons Summer and Winter. then tempeters inthe day can go up to 113 degrees F, and at night 54 deegres F. Lastly almost every day its hot and humid. Those are the facts about the Desert climate/ weather.

Desert Plants

The plants I chose are the Old Man Catctus, Jashua Tree, Drangan tree, and yucca. The Old Man catctus looks like an old man's hair and the white hairy surface helps the plant reflect the hot sun. Next the Joshua Tree looks like a tree with spikey leaves and it pokes animals to stop it from destroying it. Lastly The Dragon Tree looks similer to the Joshua Tree and it also poke animals to keeping it from destroing it. those are the plants that I choose