Thomas Corpening



I Thomas Corpening was born on December 27th 1995, in Hickory North Carolina. That day the world received a special, very special gift. I was always the center of attention, very athletic, and intelligent, even as I got older. Now I'm in high school, and its the end of my junior year. Everything is going good, and the only thing I'm worried about is what college im going to sign to for football. After all, I did have offers from everywhere.
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Record Breaking Thomas Corpening

I broke my schools football records for, the Most touchdowns in a season; Most touchdowns in a game; Most rushing yards a game; & the most rushing yards a season

STUDENT athlete

I Graduated at the top of my class!
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I signed with East Carolina on a full ride for football
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Superstar Thomas Corpening

The Rookie of the Year Award was given to me
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A Dream Come True

In 2016 I was drafted into the NFL by the New Orleans Saints
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Just Do It

After being drafted, my performance was so outstanding that NIKE started sponsorig me
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