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Lesson 10- Andrew Bradshaw III


The popular film from the 1980s Mommie Dearest depicts the life of Christina Crawford and her vicious mother who seeks to (blank) her daughter to the point of perfection.

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No Wire Hangers - Mommie Dearest (6/9) Movie CLIP (1981) HD


tr. v. To seek to improve through punishment; to discipline

CASTUS <L. "pure," "spotless"

CASTIGO, CASTIGARE, CASTIGAVI, CASTIGATUM <L. "to punish," "to correct," "to restrain"

ALT FORMS: chastener (n), chastened (adj.)


  1. To punish
  2. To penalize
  3. To scold
  4. To admonish


  1. To praise
  2. To comfort
  3. To encourage

Choose the Incorrect Sentence

a.) Social Services takes children away from unfit parents who chasten their children to cope with stress and addiction.

b.) Corporal punishment has become a large ethical debate in the country because chastened children tend to show great test results in school and morally stable lives as adults.

c.) Jodie's mom was a self proclaimed chastener; after she punished her children she always lectured them on the life lessons from their mistake.

d.) Marie did a wonderful job of chastening her children because both her daughters graduated valedictorians in separate years as product of her strict parenting.