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We sell custom quality watches made from you!

Our Business

Our business sells custom watches made for you. We put a picture of your choice inside your custom watch. We also allow you to customize the rim, strap and bottom!

Where we get our supply and why?

We get our supply from a environmental friendly factory and mine. We get our resources from there because it's environment healthy and its a great resource to build your watch.

The demand of our Store.

Since over 2.9 billion people in the the demand for watches is very high most. Most of the 2.9 billion people spend over 300 dollars in watches our business will earn a lot of money. I am sure of this because the usual amount of money used is 75 dollars and if a lot of people want a custom watch we would make a lot of money!

Why you should invest in our watches.

We make our watches from premium materials that are durable and water proof. We also let you customize your watch to your liking so it fits you just right. We either 3-D print the watch or carve it with a lazer printer. Our product beats all other watches in quality so come and invest in our business.

How much we sell and how much we need.

We sell out custom made watches for 80 dollars. If you invest in us for 10000 dollars we can repay you within 2 months. Considering we need to sell 200 watches to repay you and still have money too keep our store going.

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