Lesson presentation and reflection

ED4236 Planning, Pedagogy and Assessment

Learning outcomes:

a) Demonstrate an understanding of and display the skills involved in presenting a micro lesson.

b) Prepare a written reflection on your presentation using the critique website and written feedback from your tutor.

Task Part A: Teach a section of a lesson in a chosen Learning Area. Time allocated is 10 minutes.

Present a lesson on a topic taught within Western Australian schools that is relevant to your teaching area. You can teach part of your lesson plan (Assessment 1) if you wish.

Your topic should be specific and manageable within the time frame. This lesson presentation needs to be on a topic that identifies your Learning Area, reflects the level of students being taught, initiates learning and engages students in educational discussion/activities.

Your presentation is to take no more than 10 minutes.

You are being assessed on your:
  • teaching skills,
  • Learning Area content and skills demonstrated,
  • teaching strategies used,
  • effective communication skills,
  • classroom awareness and preparation,
  • evaluation/measurement of student understanding, and
  • use of teacher aides.
Remember, your aim is to present a clear, informative and interesting lesson which includes some discussion or response from the group – put simply: TEACH

Task Part B: Prepare a 750 word reflection on your performance.

View the uploaded video of your performance on the video analysis website. You may choose to tag the identified areas or simply watch the video. Together with the written feedback from your tutor, reflect on your presentation skills. Your reflection could include consideration of the following:

  • Strengths of your presentation.
  • Areas you need to work on
  • What you have learned that will assist when you teach during your classroom immersion?
  • Overall impression of your presentation.
  • What did you learn about your presentation skills from watching your video?

The links to the video analysis website will be sent to you individually.