Jackson is a zero, not a hero!

President Andrew Jackson

Zero for the "Trail Of Tears"

The Trail of tears (also named the "Indian removal act") was an act when Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokee tribe off their own land in Florida. After they did this, they found gold and didn't let the Cherokee have any. Once the word spread that there was gold there, everybody came to search for gold.

Set high tariffs that hurt the south

Andrew Jackson set high tariffs (tax on important good) on the South's goods so no one would buy them. He didn't set any tariffs on the North so more people would buy his goods. Setting tariffs on the South made them weak, poor, and raggedy. Since more people bought goods from the North it made the North strong and rich.

South Carolina threatened to secede from the union

South Carolina threatened to secede from the union. South Carolina only did this because Andrew Jackson over used his power and set high tariffs on the south's goods just so people would buy the North's goods. Since he had done this South Carolina wanted to secede because they were getting hurt by the taxes and they couldn't take it anymore.
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency
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