(Now Penelope sank down, holding the weapon on her knees, and drew her husband's great bow out, and sobbed and bit her lip and let the salt tears flow., Page 1645) Odysseus is still disguised as a beggar talks to Penelope about how he has seen Odysseus and he is on his way home. The next day the suitors have gathered in the palace for a feast, wile they are eating and drinking, Penelope tells them she is finally going to pick a man to marry. She tells them that there will be a contest that who ever can shoot Odysseus's bow through the bottom circles of twelve axes will be my husband. So many of the suitors tried to string and shoot with the bow but none of them could. There were only two men in the palace that could string and shoot through all 12 circles and that was Telemocis and Odysseus.


Athena new that Telemocis could complete this task and did not allow him to participate to help his mom. Athena did this so it would be Odysseus in disguise to win and continue with a plan created by the three. Odysseus asks two swineherds men - (My heart tells me. Would you be men enough to stand by Odysseus if he came back? Suppose he dropped out of a clear sky, as I did? Suppose some god should bring him? Would you bear arms for him, or for the suitors? Page 1680) Finally after fails to string or shoot through all the axes circles, Odysseus stepped up to string and shoot. (Odysseus took his time for borings that termites might have made while the master of the weapon was abroad. The suitors were now watching him, and some jested among themselves. Page 1725) Odysseus strung the bow easily and then shot it through all twelve. This is when all Hell breaks loose. Odysseus reveals him self by taking off his disguise and he knew right away who he wanted to kill. He goes straight for Antinouse who earlier hit him with a chair. A war has started and Telemocis joins in with Odysseus. Odysseus and Telemocis with the help of Athena killed off the suitors, he ordered any of the maids that were not loyal to them to clean the hall and anywhere that were dead bodies or blood to clean it all, and after were hung. The last thing to do was to make peace with his land. He goes to Penelope telling her that he is the real Odysseus but Penelope tests him by asking if their bed that they slept in. Odysseus responded by telling her that it was impossible and that he had carved it out of a tree that had grown inside the palace. Penelope new that it must be him and they had a joyful reunion. Later on, Odysseus had to make contact with his father who was working in the fields. He came to him in disguise not even being able to trust his own father. Odysseus makes up a story to tell him and finally trusts him enough. He reveals himself letting the two have a tearful reunion. Odysseus notices though that the families of the suitors that he killed are now coming to kill him and everyone els on Odysseus's side. Right before another war breaks out though, Athena comes in and puts a peaceful feeling onto all of them to stop any damage.