iOS Apps for Mobile Learning

Educational apps that could be used in a K-12 classroom

Module 9

This poster will explore 5 different iOS apps that can help support personal mobile learning.
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What is it? Toontastic is a creative storytelling app that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world.

How could it be used? This app could easily be used in the elementary classroom for introductions of every student or even to present a story they wrote to the class.

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Bobo Explores Light

What is it? This app has many different features that allow students to explore the realm of science.

How could it be used? The teacher could hand out iPads to all the students and allow them to explore the material being covered before the teacher presents it. This way the students have some background knowledge of the topic.

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What is it? This is an app that contains different educational videos and then provides quizzes to test the students knowledge.

How could it be used? Within the context of a classroom this app would be really beneficial in teaching the students new material or even helping them understand the content better with the awesome video clips and a quiz at the end to test how much the students learnt.

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ABC play

What is it? Expose your child to the exciting world of Sports! Our award-winning ABC Series teaches children new words through sight, sound & touch. Let them play baseball, basketball, ice skating & more through beautiful pictures, lively videos, and interactive scenes.

How could it be used? Within the classroom this app could easily be used in a younger settling classroom to help teach the class new words. We could put this up on the smart board or have them use the app on a iPad to practice.

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Smash Your Food

What is it? Its an interactive app that helps teach kids about eating healthy.

How could it be used? It could be used by implementing it into the health unit and ask the students their predictions on how much fat and sugars are in each item then have this app blow their minds and tell them the true amount.