First and Second Grade News

What's Up in First and Second Grade

Important Dates and Information

Hello, first and second grade parents.

On Thursday of this week we have our Back to School Night, and we are so excited to see you there! Here is the schedule:

6 - 6:25 Meet in the Auditorium, Welcome, Intro to Staff, Parent Service Club, etc.

6:30 - 6:45 Session 1 (classrooms)

6:50 - 7:05 Session 2 (classrooms)

7:10 - 7:25 Session 3 (classrooms)

7:30 Evening is over...

Parents will have the opportunity to go to 3 different sessions to meet with all of their children's teachers, including specialists. Make sure you plan ahead so you can meet each one of your child's teacher! You only need to come to one session with us, they will both be together for first and second. No children in attendance please, adults only.


Chocolate sale began last Friday and we are off to a great start! We have already had several requests for more boxes. Please do not turn in your money until you have collected all 60$. The money must be turned in the white envelopes that come in the box, if yours is missing please go to the office and they can help you. First grade money will go to Sra. Williams, and second grade money will go to Mrs. Holguin. If you need a new box of chocolates, send a note to the office and they will make sure you get a new one. Remember our fundraising goal is 100$ per family. All money is due by October 3rd, so you have two more weekends to keep selling!

Thanks for supporting our school, your child's school!


Kids did great with turning in their homework and we want to thank you all for your hard work at home. We hope this week goes great, too!

Remember second grade homework should be turned in on a daily basis, and kids must leave the homework outside of Sra. Williams's class.

First grade homework should be turned in on Friday, please. And it should be placed outside of Mrs. Holguin's classroom. Try to have your students pace and do one or two pages a day, not all at once.

And last, but not least, take in consideration that if your child does not complete homework or forgets to bring it in, they will have to do it again/ make up for it during our free choice time on Friday, so please make sure they put their things in their backpack, and that they are completing their homework for both languages.

Last week I mentioned a monthly reading log, but it didn't go out in folders until this week. Please read at home with your child! It is so important that they read every day.

Red folders should be at school every day for both grades, so kids can put their completed work for the day and bring it back home. Pencil boxes must be brought to school everyday as well.

Spelling Corner


This week we also have our spelling test for both grades on Friday, please make sure kids practice our spelling words so they are ready and feel confident during the test on Friday. You can spell them out loud, write them, use magnetic letters, dough, etc.

If you didn't get the spelling words for the week, here they are again.


Silabas con m y p

mama, mi, ama, mima, me, mapa, puma, papa.


Short vowels:

bat, cot, kit, let, cut, fog, men, jug

Bonus words:

flick, trick


Grupo consonantico con r (cr, pr, tr, br, gr, dr, fr) cabras, crece, fritas, frutas, granjas, grano, presenta, primero, trabajo, trigo, dromedario, ladrillo.


Sound pattern or, ar:

forward, farther, smart, sharp, floor, short, torch, chart.

Bonus words:

carnival, fortitude

Curriculum Corner


This week we are learning nouns in first grade and we are reviewing the concept in second grade. You can reinforce the concept at home in simple ways, like asking your child how many type of nouns do we have in Spanish. The answer is four: animal, thing, place, person. Go through the names of simple nouns with your child, like names of animals, names of places, names of things, fruits, vegetables, anything you can possibly review using everyday words. We are also working on writing sentences using punctuation such as capital letters at the beginning and periods at the end of each sentence.

For second grade, we are learning synonyms, which are words that are spelled different but have the same meaning. For example, cerdo and puerco. These are words that are spelled different but have the same meaning, which is pig. In second grade we will continue to review our verbs and nouns, and work on sentence and paragraph writing for the rest of the school year. Later in the year we will do verb conjugation, which is why it's so important that we master our basic verbs and pronouns during this time.


In first grade we are focusing on our A syllables, ma, pa, ta, sa, ra, etc. It's important that you review these syllables at home, and the initial sounds for each Spanish letter, since this is the foundation for reading. We will send out videos to help with these syllables.


In Science we are learning about plants and what happens to them in wet soil. Last week we planted our alfalfa seeds in our individual cups and we are waiting to see what happens to them now. Wish us luck because I am a horrible gardener!

If you want to help at home, you can go through our vocabulary:

la tierra (soil), el aire (air), el agua (agua), la semilla de alfalfa (afalfa seed), el sol (sun), la luz (light), el cesped (grass/lawn)

In English Science will begin learning about fall changes that happen to trees and weather. We will be learning about different kinds of trees, studying leaves, and how weather affects trees.


This year, we have school a school theme "My place in the world", and based on that we will learn different Social Studies topics throughout the year.

This week we are learning about our continents in both grades. Kids will learn to identify the continents on a map.

Continents names in Spanish:

America del Norte, America del Sur, Europa, Africa, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antartida.


For math we are learning/reviewing numbers, place value, addition, word problems, subtraction in both grades. Help your child at home with counting numbers in Spanish. For first grade numbers 1-120, for second grade, numbers to 1000. They can count by 2's, 3's 5's, 10's.

We are also reviewing our Spanish math vocabulary:

Mas que (more than), menos que (less than), mayor que (greater than), menor que (less than), igual que (same as), mas (more/add), menos (less/minus), suma (add/plus), resta (subtract/minus), igual a (equals).