How Wolves Help The Enviroment

Understand Why Wolves Are So Helpful To The Enviroment

Why Should I Care About Wolves?

Good question. Why should you care about wolves and help bring them back? Wolves once they were introduced to Yellowstone they actually changed the rivers. The elk were overpopulated and ate too much grass and caused the river to start going down because it had to supply more water to help the plants grow. Then the wolves started controlling the elk population. The river came back and with it came the beavers which they thought they had died out. The wolves help save the ecosystem and brought back native animals. Now that is why you should you care. They help the ecosystem.

I thought wolves kill for sport. How would they help the enviroment if they kill tons of animals for fun?

That's actually a myth. Most people think wolves are blood thirsty animals. They tend to stay away from humans and only kill what they need. The animal I say kills for sport is humans. Animals don't kill for sport they only kill for food. In 2013 they killed 800,000 humans. Now it might seem like I'm going against myself but just wait. These attacks aren't just wolves coming up to humans and then killing them. They were provoked. Either the humans tried to get to close or tried to attack them. It could also be you were too close to their den and assume your a threat. Just like a human looking out a window and seeing a man in a black suit with a bat. That's what it seems like to wolves. Leave the wolves alone and they will leave you alone.

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Help the wolves

Heres a little speech from a wolf

Wolves are usually used to put speeches on. The wolf represents freedom, speed, ferocious, and strong. That's why they usually have speeches on them. It says happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond you grasp but which if you will sit down quietly may alight upon you

Heres The video Ive been talking about. "How Wolves Change Rivers"

How Wolves Change Rivers