North Carolina

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- Location: South

- Geography includes the Appalachian mountains, Great Smokey mountains, Dunn mountains. Also includes Yadkin river, and much more. Climate is warm.

- Government: Matthew Rowan was governor in 1753.

- No dominating religion.

- Common crops grown on plantations and farms included cotton, fruit, grains, vegetables, tobacco, rice, sugar, indigo and livestock.



- Slavery was common in Southern colonies

- In 1712 the Carolina colony officially became the North Carolina and South Carolina colony.

- 1st governor was Edward Hyde .

-The North Carolina colony became a state November 21st 1789.

- Historic landmark: Old Stone house

- North Carolina was first settled in 1587. 121 settlers led by John White landed on present day Roanoke Island on July 221587.

-The earliest known permanent settler was Nathaniel Batts in 1653.

- In 1729 the Lord Proprietors sold their interests in the Carolina colony back to the English Crown, & North & South Carolina became separate Royal colonies.