Kindergarten Hoppenings

Ms. Williams' class September 16, 2016

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • September 12-23 - PTO Snack Drive
  • September 19-23-Book Fair
  • September 22-Book Fair/Family Pizza Night
  • September 26 - Professional Day (No School for Students)
  • September 28 - Kindergarten Potluck - 5:30-7:00 pm - Crozet Cafeteria

Walk to School Day October 5th!

PTO Beginning of the Year Survey


This week we are learning the Green song and how to spell the word green. Also we are learning the poem The Itsy, Bitsy Spider. The children are reading these poems to reinforce the concepts of rhyming words, directionality of print and concept of word. Next week the color will be red. We have also been working on books for each color word. The children are proud that they are able to read them!


During math time, the students have been busy sorting different objects, describing their sorts and representing their sorts. They are learning the math vocabulary: sort, classify and attribute. They have even been sorting themselves during a fun game called guess my rule!

Thank you!

Thank you for attending Back to School night and for sending in wish list items! If you were not able to attend, I sent home some information in your child's homework/notes folder. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Today, the students were introduce to a new math program today called ST Math. Our 5th grade buddies introduced the children to the penguin character Jiji and played some games with them. We are excited to be using this math program this year!


Today was Dot day! We read the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. A story about “making your mark” and celebrating creativity, collaboration and courage! This book has an inspiring message which is, you can do anything if you just try. We made our mark by building dot pictures, playing a dice and dot game during math and listening to the story on the big screen. We also talked about how we can all make our mark this year and wrote our hopes and dreams!


We continue to enjoy learning about each other and building our classroom community! The children are doing a wonderful job learning each others names and the names of their many teachers. We are also learning about what we have in common. We made a Rainbow of me in which we learned about each others favorite foods, colors, animals, etc. Then we compared our rainbows. They were excited to see that they liked a lot of the same things!

Websites that we use (user name: crozet password star)

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