Friday Flyer - September 4, 2015

Green Pastures Preschool

First Week = Success

Hello to all Green Pasture Preschool Families! Thank you for helping make the first week run smoothly for our teachers and students. Everything went well and I saw many smiles, heard lots of giggles and saw so many kids using great manners! Thank you.

Caterpillar (beginner class) theme this week was "All about ME". They did a fingerprint activity and read stories that emphasized how we are all different, but also are the same in some ways.

The Caterpillar class (Pre-K) also shared the same theme. They made family trees to display. Both classes also presented their "bags" containing objects from home that described themselves to their classmates. The students loved this!

Music class was all about keeping and tapping a steady rhythm. Some of these preschoolers can really keep a beat!

Chapel them for September is "The Golden Rule".

BEE Kind

When talking about the golden rule, we shortened the rule to BEE KIND for this first week. We sent home a BEE to be decorated, colored and cut out. Speak to your student about ways that they can be kind at home or at school while you decorate it. (Sharing toys, helping others, etc.) You may write a short sentence stating what you discussed. Return your bees next week and we'll display them in the main hall. If siblings want to make a bee too, here is the link to the bee image.

The chant or song we learned went along with the theme of the week. You may hear this or some version of this being sung by your little one.

God made the sun.

God made the sea.

God made the fishes,

and God made me.

Thank you for the sun.

Thank you for the sea.

Thank you for the fish,

and thank you for me.

Snack Schedule

Tuesday - Henley K. (16 students)

Wednesday- Briley D. (13 students)

Thursday - Amelia D. (16 students)


Thursday, Sep. 10th, 9am

Green Pastures Preschool

Bring your best smiles for picture day on Thursday. If you are not a regularly scheduled Thursday student, let Jessica know if you would like to come and have a fall picture taken. If you miss this day, we will have a second sitting done in the spring. Please see the handout in your student's backpack about the details. Let me know if you have questions.