Amendment 1

Freedom of petition


Freedom of petition gives people the freedom and right to express and protest against the government as long as we do not cause problems when we are protesting. People can protest on anything in any group they want. If the people petitioning are causing a big commotion then police have to stop you.You can sign a paper agreeing to something. If there are a lot of people who signed the petition and people see it might work and the government could look at it.They could change a law also.


Lots of people who are unhappy with the government laws make signs that stare their opinion and want the law changed. These groups get bigger and powerful and soon come out of hand since so many people are upset and want to change something. The police has to come and calm down the people. If people petition bad and harmful things to people then they are punished.

Current Use

Freedom of petition is used for all rights of Americans as long as the petition is not bad and can harm people. People have the right to attend free public associations and protest what they think. People petition for other people especially when there is elections. Many people have signs and attend associations and either want and agree with the president or disagree. Also for example sometimes if kids don't want uniform or school on a certain day then they would petition that and if they have enough people to sing that petition then it might work.


I think that people should be able to petition there opinion no matter what opinion. But, I do not think that there should be bad and harmful petitions and there should be more limited restrictions. Everyone should be aloud to petition important things not negative things.