Henry Ford

Personality and Traits

Self sufficient, reliable, driven, hard working, strong potential, qualified, philanthropic, a natural leader.

Career Objective

A career in the car designing business that will complement my creativity and hands on skills.


Detroit Business Institute

Job Expirience

Edison's Detroit Illuminating Co. 1891

-Became chief engineer

Detroit Motor Co. 1899

-Developed by himself

-Challenged to trouble shoot and solve problems

Ford Motor Co. 1903

-Also Founded and developed by himself

-First to mass produce automobiles

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Civil Involvment

-Set sail on a journey to end wars and fighting in Europe and to find peace

-Set up seven different schools throughout the country


-By 1922 he was the self made most richest man in the U.S.

-Founded the world's largest philanthropic foundation

-The first to implement new tolls to mass produce items and products

- Was able to produce certain parts for his famous car (Model T) in under 30 seconds

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URl for Model T


Thomas Edison

William Barlum Thompson (Mayor of Detroit in 1908)

Theodore Roosevelt (President during 1908