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Happy Valentine's Day

4-Day Weekend

I hope you all are enjoying your 4-day weekend! Please excuse the shortness of this newsletter. We have "Kindness Week" starting on Tuesday! Please see the below note from PFC and the calendar with the different spirit days.

As another reminder: THE CAMPUS IS CLOSED unless you are picking up work from your child's teacher. I was on campus today, Saturday, and many families thought it was, "OK" to be on campus because it was the weekend. This is not the case. We are a closed campus and our sign clearly states this. I do hope soon we can reopen the campus. However, until this time, the campus, play equipment, track, etc. are all closed. One more campus reminder, there are no dogs allowed on campus. This too is clearly marked at the front of the school. Please follow the rules. I know the grass looks perfect for dogs! But, we can have no dogs (unless service animals) on our campus.

I am so excited for Kindness week next week! I believe we need to remind ourselves, our students and the people we come in contact with, how great and necessary it is to be KIND to one another!

~Katie Sanchez

Kindness Week Information

We are so excited to announce Kindness Week (February 16-19). The week will be filled with ways for our students to learn, explore, and practice kindness. Studies have indicated that promoting kindness in youth promotes self-confidence, optimism, leadership, and increased happiness. This coming week, students will be part of many excited experiences. Some of them are outlined below.

Be KIND Bingo: Please encourage students to try and score at least one bingo (one line per card) each day. We will celebrate and provide a treat to the class with the most completed bingo cards.

Be KIND Coloring Contest: Students will then have the option to scan and email the coloring page to the kindness committee. The winner will receive a prize and all entries will be celebrated on social media.

If you have any questions, please contact one of your Kindness Committee members below!

All the best,

Amanda Pisani

Andrees Montilliano

Devon Bell

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Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter
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