Welcome to our Classroom Smore.

Mrs Laming's Grade 2 class.

Knowledge Building Circles.

As part of our Science Inquiry, we read Dr. Suess' book called Bartholemew and the Oobleck

Bartholomew and the Oobleck Read-Aloud

Then, each student became a scientist and conducted their own Oobleck experiment with cornstarch and water

First, they made a prediction

Then, we asked them to complete the following... in order to create an Adobe Voice video

Oobleck feels...

Oobleck smells...

Oobleck looks...

Oobleck acts...

The Water Cycle: Collection, Condensation, Precipitation, Evaporation, Learning Videos For Children

Air And Water in the Environment

Our next science unit is all about air and water. We are building on what we have learned about liquids and solids.
The Water Cycle Rap (with lyrics)
Water Cycle Song Video
Tsunamis: Know What to Do!
Why Do Clouds Stay Up?

Watch the Tsunami or cloud video and come to class with a question to add to the I Wonder chart.