Jumping into June!

(hope the town pool water gets warmer soon!)

As I listen to the birds singing this morning, I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds me in these mountains. I'm so glad that I have the time now that school is out to enjoy the outdoors more, and that I have my essential oils to help support me in that process! I want to make sure you are comfortable using your oils to support you, as well. For example, I went hiking and camping last weekend and was very thankful for my Deep Blue to soothe the muscles I overworked. I used TerraShield to fight off the six-legged biting critters, and I have been applying lavender and melaleuca to the ankles and toes, where I evidently tromped on some three-leaved plants in the dark! And, of course I've been using my lemon, lavender and peppermint, especially around the campfire. I even used Breathe just in case I snored! :) I don't go anywhere without my oils. Ever. (What if I need them? I probably will!)

There are lots of great things going on this summer to help you with your essential oils and other doTERRA products. There is going to be a GREAT class on June 16th that Spring Esteppe is teaching. If you can be there, you need to be. It is "Everything You Wish You Knew About Your Oils"... Click here to register.
There are also lots of other classes for locals coming up. Look on the Branches group if you're interested. In fact, you out-of-towners can check the Branches team website (www.teambranches.com, password lemon) for classes or ask on the Branches group page on Facebook. And we also have webinars often. You can call in to these from the comfort of your home, but it's best if you view the presentation on your computer or tablet. Also, if you would like to meet or talk with me, I'd love to do a wellness consultation/membership overview with you so you know how to make the most of your doTERRA membership! Please let me know how I can help you.
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Tips to Help Your Kids!

I've often told my kindergartners that they are "spongebrains" because they absorb everything! In fact, most kids do. If you use your eo's often, most likely your child is inquisitive or is already learning about them. I took the photo above at a class a friend was teaching, and where my friend Renee's sons had made her stickers and alphabetized her bottles! She involved her children in the process of using natural solutions for her family, and they responded. My 5 year old daughter knows what oils are okay for her to grab and use "neat" (right out of the bottle), and she also knows to avoid oregano without help. I've heard of people making different colored roller bottles for different family members, or even just using the Touch oils that are pre-diluted and educating children on their uses. It's VERY empowering to teach your children how to use natural solutions to help themselves. They work, and kids get it. Feel free to share any other ideas of ways you and your kids incorporate your products into your home!