Donovan Sadowski


In 1930, KFC was started by Colonel Harland Sanders. It wasn’t called KFC, it was called Sanders Cafe. Sanders Cafe was started in Corbin, Kentucky. Colonel Sanders was a good cook so he started Sanders Cafe. Shell Oil company gave a station to Sanders and he made it a restaurant. Progression is how KFC grew and grew.


The first thing to change was the eating space. Harland had one table, so he cleaned out a room and made another dining room. KFC’s meals were small. People would come into his restaurant asking for directions, instead Harland offered hot meals to the people. People had to eat whatever Sanders cooked. KFC changed from 20th century looking to 21st century looking. Now they make KFC look like a chicken bucket, their signs light up, they made it look more modern. KFC’s food is in bigger portions.


KFC’s reason they started KFC is because Colonel Harland Sanders wanted to feed people homemade meals. Harland Sanders was a very good cook. KFC gives 14 million dollars a year to 2,600 students graduating from college. The impact KFC has on our everyday life is the donations for college students so they can graduate college. KFC donates to Charities, they are called REACH, REACH HIGH, KFC family fund, and Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation. Life would be bad because then you will have no “Finger lickin’ good” food in your life.


Colonel Sanders was born September 9, 1890 in Henryville, Monroe Township, Indiana. Harland grew up with two siblings, their names were Clarence Sanders and Catherine Sanders. Harland´s father died when he was 6 years old. Sanders started Sanders Café at the age of 40, in 1930. Sanders Café closed in 1952. He traveled across the United States and he changed his business name from Sanders Café to KFC. He built more KFC´s throughout the USA. Colonel died at the age of 90. He died with

Popular Product

A popular product Sanders has made was fried chicken. KFC uses 11 secret spices. KFC has been around for more than 70 years. KFC's chicken is listed at #7 for a top selling product.