Mrs. Oler's Third Grade Thrills

Northeastern Knights November 20, 2015

Mrs. Krista Oler

3rd Grade Teacher at NES

Indiana University Graduate

10th year Teaching

Married to Mr. Oler

3 Children

Loves being outdoors, animals, learning new things!

Thanksgiving Break

We have school Monday and Tuesday and then Thanksgiving Break is the 25-29th.

Christmas: Sponsoring a Child??

I was just wondering if there was desire for our class to sponsor a student this Christmas season? Please let me know ASAP if you would interested and based on the feedback I receive, I will let you know if we pursue this or not.

Smile Drive

We are still collecting items for the Smile Drive! We will collect up until Thanksgiving! We are collecting items such as toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc. Thanks!!


Next Week, we will be covering the following concepts:

  • Reading: Amos and Boris, Author's Purpose
  • Vocabulary: Thanksgiving Words
  • Phonics: Homophones and Homographs
  • Grammar: Quotation Marks in Dialogue
  • Writing: Opinion Writing (persuasive) Save the Turkey!!
  • Spelling: Thanksgiving Words
  • Math: Fractions and Probability
  • Social Studies: Unit 2 Test

Happy Birthday, Payton!

Happy Birthday, to our dear friend Payton! We celebrated on Monday with yummy cookies!!

Conservation Day Field Trip

We had a great day at Conservation Day on Tuesday. We rotated through stations all day long and learned about a variety of topics. Some of our favorites were....

  • bunnies
  • dairy cows
  • electricity
  • reptiles
  • recycling
  • 4H
  • dogs

Thanks to all the chaperones for joining us! :-)

Tests Online

We are doing many of our weekly assessments online now. This means you must log onto Harmony each week to see your child's scores.

  • On SpellingCity we do our spelling tests
  • On ThinkCentral we do: Vocabulary, Comprehension, Phonics, and Grammar

We are taking these tests online for many reasons. Reason saves LOTS of trees!! Reason 2, it prepares students for online testing that they will do for IREAD and ISTEP this Spring!

I've noticed scores have been down on ThinkCentral. I believe many students are not taking their time and taking the test seriously online. It is vital they not rush and read carefully.

Grades on Harmony

Just a reminder that grades are put online, on Harmony. Please make a habit out of checking that weekly to keep up on student grades. Thanks!! :)

Big News From the Oler Household...

Many of your children may have shared with you already, but I wanted you to hear it from me as well, I am expecting a baby in May! We are very excited and blessed! I am due May 31st so I plan on being around the entire school year! :-)
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ABOVE: We said goodbye to Ms. Huddleston today! We made her a folder of thank you cards and several of you sent in other goodies for her. Thanks!! We will miss her dearly!!

BELOW: We also celebrated Veteran's Day last Wednesday and made these awesome posters!!

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Spelling City!

Don't forget to be practicing spelling words at home on SpellingCity! You can access it anywhere.
Spelling City

FREE and FUN way to practice your child's spelling words!!


Please help your child be responsible with their homework. Incomplete HW or homework left at home is not acceptable in 3rd grade. We all slip up sometimes and accidentally leave things behind. Please try not to make a habit out of it. Repeat offenders will receive a zero for the assignment.

Spelling Contract

Students are given their contract on Monday morning. They are given class time every day to work on the 5 activities of their choice. Contracts come home Thursday evening to finish and are due back Friday morning with 5 correctly, completed activities. Please label your paper with the name of the activity and all activities should be stapled behind the cover page.


Expect Math Homework Monday-Thursday. We begin the HW in class together and then students must complete it at home. Answers must have labels when appropriate and words must be spelled correctly if it can be found in the question or in the book. If your child struggles with the homework, you can help them by finding the section NEW CONCEPT in each lesson to review the skill.


Read at least 2 nights a week (students who read daily are more likely to succeed and meet end of year level). Read 20-30 minutes. Read from a Chapter Book!

Reading Response Notebooks (RRN) are to be complete and returned on Wednesday and Friday. Students must complete RRNs in their notebook. I will not score loose leaf paper.

Dojo Website

Sign up or Log In to Dojo to check in on your child! :)


Communication is so very important and can make such a positive impact on your child's school success. I've set up the following ways to have open communication with each of you. Please reach out to me any time you have a question, comment, or concern.

  1. Planners

2. Remind

3. Dojo

4. Email

AR Reading/Tests

Each Tuesday, students check out books from the library. They should be reading these books in their entirety and taking AR tests over them. If they are returning their library books without finishing them, they have wasted all that time reading a book that they can't even take an AR test over.

As a reminder, I take 2 grades for AR. One grade is their averaged comprehension score for the 9 weeks and the second grade is for reaching their AR point goal or not. Readers are Achievers! :)

Moby Max

How's Moby going at home? If you feel your child is struggling at school, this is the tool for you to use at home to help them practice needed skills. If you feel like your child needs a challenge, this is the tool for you to use at home to push them further. We use Moby in class every day also!
Moby Max

All you need is your child's username and password to log in and get started! Most students' username AND password is just their first name. There are some exceptions.

Our Motto

Think: Treat Others Right

Believe: Make Smart Decisions

Achieve: Maximize Your Potential