Perspectives of psychology

By Gabby Cunningham


-Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system and evaluation of how we enable our emotions, our memories, and or sensory experiences.

Examples: Doctors examining someones brain in an MRI when they hear words that make them feel down.


-The study of how we use natural selection form our traits and genes to survive.

Examples: Being scared of spiders, even though you have never been bit by one or seen someone get bit by one.

Behavior Genetics

-The study of how our genes and our environment make us act and think different from other people

Examples: Studying how one person acts or turns out in the future when they are raised in a home where the mom is an alcoholic and then studying how one person acts or turns out in the future when they grow up in a family where there are visually no problems.


-The study of how and why our behavior comes from unconscious drives and conflicts

Examples: Being OCD, hoarding, nail-biting all caused form childhood experiances


- The study of how people learn observable responses

Examples: When you watch your mom talk on the phone and you see how she talks and responds to the person she is talk to. You start talking like that as well.


-The study of how people encode, process, store, and retrieve information

Examples: psychologists teaching certain math problems to a person and examining how well they learn it.

Social Cultural

- The study of how society contributes to ones development and how the act.

Examples: All the people in your neighborhood have meetings every month and when they have the meetings they talk about all the people that didn't show up. You tell yourself you will never be like them, but soon after going to the meetings you end up thinking and acting the exact same way. Talking about people.

This video starts out by telling us that each psychologists looks at mental illnesses differently. Someone might be depressed and each psychologist would give you a different reason for the cause. It talks about many of the terms like psychodynamic. Which, in the video it describes it as abnormality as a result of conflict between unconscious urges and conscious desires. And then quotes Sigmund Freud while also telling us what psychodynamic therapists look for in their patients. It also talks about behavioral psychology. Saying that it is about the observable behaviors of the patient. And what the treatments involve. Cognitive is also a topic the video talks about. It tells us that the cognitive approach explains abnormality in terms of the thought process of the patient. Overall this video explains how different psychologist look at all their patients and how they would try to solve the problem the patient has. It also tells us what the psychologists would be looking at depending on how they think or what field they are in.