¡Aprendan un Idioma!

Escrito Por Danielle Bootz

America is a diverse melting pot of different cultures, peoples, and languages. We are a mixed culture country but we are trailing behind in numbers of bilinguals. Most Americans can speak only one language which is sad because learning a language is fun. Language opens to door to enjoy new people and their books, movies, stories, comics, shows and history. It lets you communicate with an entire new group of people you had no chance to know before. It gives you an advantage when looking for a job. It even keeps your brain young!
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Why you should learn

Learning a language is a great experience. It's fun and it's useful.

One of the most practical reasons to learn a new language, especially Spanish, is because of the edge it gives in the job market. With so many Spanish speakers in America and in the workforce it is an extremely important skill to be able to speak to them. Nearly any employer in America would hire a bilingual over a monolingual. According to Omniglot.com bilinguals make much more money on average than monolinguals, nearly $7,000 more. A pretty big plus when it's just for the ability to talk.

Many people don't realize that every book they've ever read, or every movie they've ever watched, or even every song they've ever heard is only a fraction of the stuff out there they can understand. By learning a language an entire new world of media and books and people is open for them. They have the chance to experience more things, things they would have no chance of even understanding if they hadn't. Languages connect people but they also separate them. Monolinguals have no chance to connect to most of the people of the world. Bilinguals can.

How to get started

Seriously learning a language is hard and it requires a lot of attention and time, but that doesn't mean that it's not fun. Like any challenging game or fun brain teaser, it is much more enjoyable than it would seem. The biggest problem is finding what works best for you.

One of the biggest problems is that most people think learning a language is expensive. It most definitively is not! Quickly google "learn a language free online" and up pops a long list of websites to help you learn new words, and practice what you know.

One popular site which is completely free is www.duolingo.com which has 27 different language courses for English speakers and are constantly adding more. The site is a great way to practice and is enjoyable and quick.

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Another good free source is available through local libraries all over America and Canada. www.mangolanguages.com has a much bigger list of languages to pick from, 71 to be exact! The site also has lists of movies and books to practice with.

Changing the language on a movie is a very good way to practice because the movie is enjoyable and listening expands vocabulary and improves understanding.

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You shouldn't wait

Learning a language and speaking it often has been linked to a decreased risk of Alzheimer and dementia. People who are bilingual tend to develop these at an older age, on average 4 years later. Numerous studies have backed this up and each time the results are the same. Being bilingual is good for your brain.

Learning a language has many benefits both in the job market and in your own brain. So learn a few new words today. It's as simple as clicking a link.