1B Family Update

September 30, 2016

Dear Families

It has been another great two weeks in 1B, getting to know each other and starting academics. We have begun all subjects and lit block and math block, where students work in small groups and rotate through 3 to 4 differentiated centers.

In literacy, we have been "launching" readers and writers workshop, discussing our identity as readers and writers and learning routines. We have been working to see ourselves as readers and writers, even if we are only looking at pictures and reading some words or only drawing pictures and writing one or two words. Next week, we are starting our first unit in writing: narratives or "small moments" in which students will write true stories from their lives, learning to add details and also working on writing full sentences. At home, please discuss this with your child and brainstorm some favorite family memories that they could write about for this unit!

In math, we have been practicing our number formation in a fun way by using play dough. We also have been sharing our strategies to add and subtract two numbers. One strategy we have worked on is "Counting on." 1B Rockstars learned that starting off with the big number first in our head and then adding the second number will help us get to our answer quickly. Some students also used manipulatives such as counters, snap cubes, and counting bears to help them get to their answer.

Amy Czaja and Kendra Thomas

Introducing...the 1B Rockstars!!!

The students brainstormed class names that would represent the type of community they want to be this year. Before voting on a name, we discussed what voting means (it's a right and privilege that gives you a voice) and that the choice that the majority of students want is selected (your first choice or your idea might not be chosen but that's okay). We then voted, and we are now the 1B Rockstars. Rockstars work hard, always try their best, have enthusiasm and tons of energy! And...HAVE FUN!
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A Note from Monique Sierra

Dear Parents,

I wanted to pass along information on several workshops offered by the Child Study Center at the Hassenfeld Children's Hospital of New York at NYU Langone. This is a wonderful New York City resource available for parents and educators. For a comprehensive list of event options, as well as a detailed description of each event, please visit this link:

NYU Langone Child Study Center Educational Workshop


Monique Sierra

Social Worker​

Number Stories

Eva and Ruby shared their strategies for two number stories. We discussed two new ideas when organizing pictures: grouping the numbers to keep track of them and organizing pictures in rows of 10 to help us count.
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Caring Student of the Week: Reilly

Reilly has demonstrated our first learner profile, caring. Here are examples of how Reilly showed that he is caring:

  • He always has his eyes on the teachers and sits nicely on his rug spot to show that he cares about school.
  • He is respectful to his friends and teachers.
  • When he does something wrong he always says sorry in a kind way.
  • He’s a bucket filler. He fills my bucket because he is always nice to me.
  • When someone is hurt, he would get a teacher to find them help.
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Caring Student of the Week #2: Kloey

The following are examples from the class of how Kloey is caring:

  • You were being caring when someone fell down. She asked if he was okay, took his hand and brought him straight to the teacher.
  • An example of Kloey is if someone was doing something bad, she would have a power talk. If that didn't work she would go to a teacher.
  • When you fall, she tells the teacher. She said are you okay.
  • Everytime we have choice time, she helps every station clean up even if it isn't her mess.
  • Say we are transitioning from choice time to closing circle, she always tries to get there really early.
  • An example of being caring is Kloey always looks at the teachers when they are speaking. If you weren't looking at the teachers, it wouldn't be nice for the teachers.
  • Kloey is caring because sometimes when people are doing their work, she doesn't distract other people.
  • She gives the teachers respect.

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Hanging out with Fierce Flash and Learning about Corn Snakes

1B Announcements

  • 1st grade trips to Fort Greene will be on Fridays. The first trip will be Friday, October 7th from 10:30 until 12. Please email us at dtes1b@brooklynprospect.org if you would like to be a chaperone. We definitely can use the extra support, and the kids love having their family members join our park fun!
  • Thank you for your generous donations to our classroom from our 1B Amazon wishlist!! Some packages come without a packing slip, so if you do not receive a thank you from us, please know that we appreciate it greatly!
  • The wishlist can be found at: https://amzn.com/w/2OH1BD555731V
  • The Lost and Found is set up and can be found on the 9th floor.
  • Our specials schedule is...
  • Mondays: Spanish, Dance and Science

    Tuesdays: Spanish, Music and Art

    Wednesdays: P.E.

    Thursdays: Spanish

    Fridays: Spanish, Music Sing Along with 1A and P.E

  • We are outside at Metrotech for recess on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12 - 12:30.

Specials Update


Hello First Grade!!

So excited to have another year of Physical Education and to see how much these new first graders have grown over the summer. We are currently in a fun fantastic unit of the parachute and having such a wonderful time getting back into the P.E routine.

Dance With Ms. Siby

It was great meeting you all this week and I've been having a blast dancing with your children the past few weeks! To ensure the most spectacular dance class, please make sure your dancer is wearing comfortable pants/shorts and shoes for dance on Mondays.


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Ooh La La! First Grade artists are off and running! They love our new studio!

Grade One Artists kicked the year off with an investigation of Frank Stella's work. Ask your artist about Frank Stella and how he uses amazing lines to make 3-dimensional paintings that ¡ P O P ! off the wall. Look for ours next week in the halls of BPCS!

Support Your Artist and the Studio!

As you know, there’s so much art in NYC! Please spend time looking at art with your student. Consider collecting the following supplies (with your artist) for the studio: dryer lint, plastic bottle caps, corks, game pieces, buttons in bulk, tubes, etc.

Many thanks! Questions? Want to volunteer to work with us? Here’s to a great year!! awalsh@brooklynprospect.org

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Anytime, Anywhere | Time Travel through Reading!!

Great to see you all on Tuesday! So excited to travel in time with you all this year!

As Artist in Residence I will help drive this adventure but please understand: while the Specials Team leads the cultural aspects of our travel, all students and teachers will travel to every destination. You can contact me with ideas, questions, etc. or check in with your student’s core teachers.

Many thanks!! The Team