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April 08, 2015

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  • 2016-17 Expert Criteria and Selection Process developed
  • Explaining the Average communication piece developed
  • Assisted APEI/PEI/SCEI in year-end processes
  • Represented district in grievance hearings

Training & Calibration

  • Filmed two teachers as part of the video resource library
  • Developed storyboard for Teacher Performance Rubric
  • Incorporated feedback from stakeholders into the Teacher Performance Rubric

Distinguished Teacher Review

  • QAR charging ahead and set to finish by 4/20
  • Finalizing EEIP grant application in preparation for submitting to TEA
  • Teacher and school leadership DTR experience surveys drafted

TEI News for Principals

TEI News for Teachers


Click here to share resources or feedback on the Core Values

Each week, we will highlight a new core value or norm and list resources in hopes of fostering reflection and discussion. Below are some links to articles or videos suggested by team members that support our team values and norms.

Norm #2.3:

We are solutions-oriented.

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April 11th: Student Experience Survey Administered

May 2nd: Birthday Snaps for Kadeishia Green

May 10th - 25th: TEI Roster Verification window for teachers. Click here for more information.

Teacher Roster Verification Process

May 19th: Last day to conduct extended and summative observations

Last day to enter extended, summative and SLO scores into Schoolnet

May 23rd - June 6th: Teacher rebuttal window in Oracle for summative performance evaluations


  1. Melva - For being friendly and always cheerful throughout the day...
  2. Milana - Thank you so much for all of the creative flair you add to our communications. Because of you, everything is beautiful!
  3. Dawn - Your morning welcomes are getting so much better- you know just how to make people feel special!
  4. Ashleigh, Bryan, and Leila - Huge shout out to y'all for the late nights you spent getting the grant in order for us!!
  5. Kadeishia - For navigating copying in a shared space.
  6. Dane - you can count on one hand how many DTR obs are left!
  7. Ashleigh & Bryan - Shout out for all your hard work and late hours to get the EEIP grant across the finish line!!
  8. Kadeishia - Thank you for being such a caring colleague - you truly do make the days brighter!
  9. Betsy - Thank you for being such a great thought partner - your insight and perspective is very much appreciated!
  10. Rhonda - Thank you for always being a calming force and for your ever present passion for your work.
  11. DTR Team - Shout out for always bringing such wisdom and insightful reflection to the book study table!
  12. Dane - Thank you for always being such a joy to work with and for exemplifiying open communication :-)
  13. Bryan - Thank you for all of your work on schedule 21!
  14. Annie - received the following message from one of the teachers she worked with this week, “What a learning experience I have had this week! Even DTR teachers need feedback so that we can become better at what we do. Many THANKS to Annie Scott for guiding, providing feedback, and for taking the time to understand my content. Annie, I hope to grow up to be just like you!” Congratulations on the significant impact you had on the instructional development of this teacher!
  15. Susan - spearheaded the design of the tactical team meeting with a coffee-themed whip-around and coffee-themed outcomes.
  16. Rhonda - for consistently working with your team members to collaborate on all things training related. Thank you for leading the team to ensure our 2016-17 training is the best to date.


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The Health Beat

8 everyday activities that boost your health

When it comes to your health, you already know how important it is to eat well and stay active. But other hobbies and lifestyle changes—that have nothing to do with diet or exercise—can also offer a big payoff for your wellbeing. Try incorporating a few of these activities into your routine to benefit from reduced stress levels, lesser risk of certain diseases, lower blood pressure, and much more.

Allergies vs. A Cold

Teacher Excellence Initiative

  • Defining Excellence: The vision for effective teaching and how it is evaluated
  • Supporting Excellence: Differentiate professional learning for teachers
  • Rewarding Excellence: Teachers are compensated based on their professional growth and impact on student learning