Canada and the USA.

The relationship between them.

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Economic connections between Canada and the USA.

Canada is the #1 trade partner for the USA. We invest in Canada mining and smelting industries, petroleum, chemicals, the manufacture of machinery and transportation equipment, and finance. Canada has invested in the US for finance and insurance, manufacturing, banking, information and retail trade and other services. Canada and the US are allies.
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Social connections between Canada and the USA.

We share a national language (English) but in certain areas of Canada some citizens grow up learning French as well as English. There has been large movement between both countries over the years.
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Political connections between Canada and the USA.

The two countries share a similar form of government. Canada has a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. While the USA has a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic. Canada has a Sovereign as Head of State and an elected Prime Minister as head of Government. The Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II the Prime Minister is Stephen Harper. The US has President Obama and a senate, house of representatives, and congress to run this country.