James Armistead

James Armistead Lafayette is deserving of an monument.

About James and why i chose him

Hello, my name is CJ Breheny and I think James Armistead Lafayette is deserving of a monument. I chose James because he is a courageous hero during the Revolutionary War. He was an African American slave who later in the war went on to be a spy after his owner allowed him to join the Army. He put his life on the line to fight for a developing country that he believed in.

That is why i chose James as my Revolutionary War hero.

James Armistead deserves a monument because he served as a double agent during the war and acquired loads of information for the Continental Army. James was born in Virginia on December 10, 1760. When he joined the army as a spy he posed as a runaway slave to work for the British empire. The British eventually made him a spy, making him a double agent. He reported all the information he acquired to George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette. He also spied on General Benedict Arnold after he became a traitor and joined the British Army. He got information about crucial military information that they were talking about which lead to the victory of the Battle of Yorktown. After the war he went back to slavery but eventually was granted freedom after Marquis de Lafayette wrote a letter of recommendation. To honor Lafayette Jame changed his last name to Lafayette, giving him the name James Armistead Lafayette. When he was granted freedom he purchased a farm in Virginia and started a family. James Armistead Lafayette died on August 9th of 1830.


James Armistead monument would be placed in New Kent County, Virginia is where this monument should be placed because that is where he died. On the monument there are three different decorations. the first decoration is the 2 birds on the top of the monument. They symbolize how he was a spy and watched over everyone just like the birds. The second decoration is the wheat. The wheat represents the farm he owned after he was granted freedom from slavery after the war. The last decoration is the angle. The angle represents how he is still watching over everyone even after his death. That is what the decorations mean on the monument.
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Words that represent him

Courageous, helpful, brave, loyal, savage, sneaky, quiet, smart, orderly, dedicated, excellence, skill, reliable, impressive, evasive, reliable, heroic, fearless,