ℕ◎яt♄ ℚʊ℮﹩t ℕ◎к◎tα﹩

Foals With Over 1750.00 GP!

Spots Are Open!

ℕ◎яt♄ ℚʊ℮﹩t ℕ◎к◎tα﹩ has a couple spots open. If you are interested in joining, contact AEM or nellb123. To join, there are a few requirements like...

1. You must be on almost every day. I plan on PMing the group every day, to discuss how breeding, training, and sales are going.

2. You *MUST* have a Nokota skiller mare, that has at least over 110 stars and plenty of skills, at least 2000.00 skills. I will not provide brood mares for you because I need them myself for my breeding. There is that once in a while exception, like if we have been friends for over a year (like AEM) or something like that.

3. You must have a access to useful BMIs like a.tears, m.arms, chronos' timers, WOYs, etc...

ℕ◎яt♄ ℚʊ℮﹩t ℕ◎к◎tα UNIS COMING SOON!

The A.Tears Option

If you would like I could put a a.tears on the mare of your choice and that way your foal will have way more skills! Without the a.tears mine normally have around 350.00 skills at birth and around 1765.00GP. With the a.tears the GP does not change but the skills do. Mine with the tears normally have around 550.00 skills. But of course this will cost more. If you already have one and would like to give it to me to put on the mare so your foal will have more skills, the price does not change. If you want us to provide it, that is an extra pass or 100k.