Saudi Arabia


The main religion in Saudi Arabia is Muslim. They have prayer five times a day. It is referred to as Islamic prayer. They pray to seek Allah's guidance and to thank him for all favors received.


Public through primary is open to every Saudi citizen. Due to religion they only get about 9 periods a week at the elementary/primary level. At university level, nearly 2/3's of graduates can earn degrees in Islamic subjects. The teachers are known for being poorly trained.


Saudi Arabia is in the middle east, bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. It is north of Yemen. The climate is very harsh and dry. The terrain is mostly sand and desert. It is the largest country in the world without a river.


Their economy is an oil based one. There is strong government control over economic activities. The largest exporter in petroleum, possessing 18% of the worlds petroleum reserves. 19th largest economy in the world. Worlds leading oil exporter and 2nd in producing.

Sports & Entertainment

Soccer Is by far the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia. Kids play it all the time. There however is not much entertainment in Saudi Arabia due to strict laws. Unrelated men and women are forbidden to talk in public, and they don't have any cinemas, being regarded as incompatible with Islam. Eating out can be a good pastime.

Everyday life

There is prayer five times a day in Saudi Arabia, so you will not be able to shop, or do much of anything during those hours. Women must wear an abaya avery day, and their ankles must be covered up, because that is considered a very sexy part of your body. So pretty much males can do whatever they want and the women have lots of strict rules.


The climate in Saudi Arabia is very dry and hot. It is just a huge desert with some cities. It has lots of irrigated water to keep the buildings cool so they wont be destroyed by the scorching sun.


Monarchy based on Islam. The government is ran by the king, which is also commander of the military. There are 22 government ministries that are part of the cabinet. The country is divided into 13 provinces, with a governor and deputy governor of each one.
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