Real World Parabola Project

By: Justice Buford and Jack Thomas

We Are Measuring A Fountain Of Water Made By A Person

Location- Outside My House

A Picture Of The Object From A Distance

Big image

A Picture Of The Object Up Close With The Axis Drawn

Big image

Vertex And Two Other Points

Big image

The Equation Of The Parabola In Standard And Vertex Form (This picture also contains the roots, vertex, curve, points, and the axis of symmetry)

Big image


What does the height of the water leaving the mouth represent?

The Origin or a Root

At the spot where the water crosses below the x axis, what is the relevance to the equation?

The ending point or the second root of the equation

What is the maximum height of the water?

0.51 inches was the maximum height of the water

How far away from the mouth was the water when it reached this distance?

1.47 inches

What is the domain related to the distance the water is from the mouth?


What is the range related to the height of the water?