Celebrating Our Partnership

With Faculty & Staff During National School Counselor Week!

Day 4: More on Personal/Social Development

Today's theme is Managing Personal Challenges. Some of the ways we look for students to demonstrate evidence of their understanding in this area include: Identifying and then applying ways to advocate for themselves, initiating conversations for support and help, taking ownership of their responsibilities, and being able to reflect on their daily lives and its level of balance.

Here are some of the School Counseling Program objectives for Managing Personal Challenges:

What does this look like?

Counselors are both proactive and responsive when working with students who may be handling challenges. Whether working with them during a planned meeting, a quick check-in in the hallway, or in the midst of a crisis, many strategies are put in place to help students through whatever they are facing. Before we see students, teachers and faculty are often the front lines in observing how challenges are affecting them. You support of the students in front of you, identify of those in need, and demonstrate good modeling of managing your own challenges. This all reinforces the message that help is available in all corners of the school and that students have the power to make positive and constructive changes in their lives.

What is your approach to supporting students managing their personal challenges?

We'd love to hear from you and continue to strengthen our partnership!