Mythical Creatures

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Why Would I go to your Exhibit?

That's a good question, Mythical Creatures are 'in' right now. There is a lot of evidence to support this statement. For instance Percy Jackson was a big seller. Why would these mythical creatures be any different? Zombies is one of the biggest Mythical Creatures right now. They were made big by 'The Walking Dead'. Kids went to the extreme with the Zombie Apocalypse, They made supplies such as: First Aid Kits, Survival Kits, and Weapons. In the exhibit they should have a hands on activity for kids to make their own survival kit. We will explain further down.

Exhibit Explained

When you walk in, there should be zombies in cages trying to devour you. You go further in and and learn a little bit about the real zombies and make your survival kit. The kit should include: Empty Water Bottle, bandages, and a foam sword. (Or what ever the Museum can provide.) When you go further in it will change to mermaids, unicorns, Dragons, Chimeras, and Hydras. (Statues). My partner and I, choose to do Dragons because this entertains both boys and girls. The Teens should be taught all about dragons, including there body structure.

Come see an exhibit that will inform and entertain you!!