West Wilkes Middle School Weekly Faculty Newsletter

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GEAR UP, Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is a researched based, national college access initiative that provides critical early college awareness and support activities within our Wilkes County middle schools. The GEAR UP program model strives to increase the number of students who are informed about how to plan, apply and pay for college through the GU 101 curriculum, career exploration, college tours, cultural activities, and so much moreā€¦

WOW! What a Week!

I am honored to work with a group of professional educators who always go the extra mile to make learning fun! Thank you so much for all you do to create innovative learning environments for our students!

J. Freeman

Innovative Learning

Industrial Revolution STEAMPUNK

The 7th Grade STEAMPUNK thematic unit was set during the Industrial Revolution. Over the two days, all student rotated through eight sessions in individual classrooms centered around activities involving the Industrial Revolution, with the culminating activity of watching the STEAMPUNK movie, Tomorrowland.

Sessions Included:

Ms. McGlasson Science- STEM Innovations-Boat Float &Catapult Launcher

Mrs. Hurley Math- STEAMPUNK Fashion Clothing Design and Similarity

Mrs. Lyalls Language Arts-The Adventure of the Speckled Band (Sherlock Holmes)

Mrs. Blackburn-Science-The Morse Code

Ms. Newton & Ms. Stotler-Social Studies-STEAMPUNK Industrial Revolution Bodgery Masks & Industrial Revolution Symbols and Jewelry Making

Mrs. Rhea Math-STEAMPUNK Scale Drawings

Mrs. Yount Language Arts-The Titanic & The Industrial Revolution

K.Lyalls & T. Newton

GEAR UP for the Career of a Lifetime

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Eighth grade students GEARED UP for the Career of a Lifetime Unit last week. This career based thematic unit is a three day time warp set during the Industrial Revolution. Students rotated through eight career sessions. Sessions ranged from horticulture to crime scene investigation. The Industrial STEAMPUNk theme ran throughout each integrated lesson.

Sessions Included:

Clockwork Worlds -Buy, sell & trade in the American Wild West

Green Steam- Mad Scientists control the world food supply

Elementary My Dear Watson- Crime Scene Investigation technology available to Holmes

Automatons & Mechanical What-Nots- Automaton design and construction

HeiBluftballon- Build your own hot air balloon

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-Early ocean exploration

La Contes Philosophiques- Create your own STEAMPUNK Video or comic book

STEAMPUNK Emporium- Create your own googles, hats, and jewelry

Forevertron to the Raygun Rocketship and Beyond- Career Fair

A. Johnson, B. Cole, J.Stinson & R. Watts

Peter Pan

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On March 18 and 19, 2016 West Wilkes Middle School presented the play Peter Pan. Students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participated in this production that was complete with scenery, costumes, and props. The students took us on a journey to Neverland where they introduced us to pirates, indians, mermaids, and even a crazy crocodile. Rehearsals for this production began in September and ended with the students performing a total of four performances of the play. On Friday, the students performed to over 1000 elementary and middle school students during three performances. They gave their final performance on Saturday evening for their families, friends, and community. Mrs. Joanne Schwab, the chorus teacher, directed this production. She collaborated with Mrs. Becky Cole, the art teacher, to create the set, props, and costumes for the production. Mrs. Becky Cole and Mr. Michael Dorman ran the backstage area with the students for each performance.

B. Cole

Students participating in the GEAR UP Club have won a FREE opportunity to hear Luis J. Rodriguez-the official Poet Laureate of Los Angeles speak on the campus of Appalachian State University on April 28, 2016 . Mr. Rodriguez is a poet, novelist. short story writer, and children's book author. He is well know for his community and urban peace activism.

Participating students will share a bus with NWMS GU Ambassadors. While on the campus of ASU, students will also tour the college and have dinner in the dining hall.

Participating students need to turn in their permission forms to Mrs. Roark.

GU 101

Career Interest Project Updates

Begin the updated GU 101 Lesson # 23 this week, even if you were unable to complete lesson 22 last week. The final Career Project research and product will take the remaining GEAR UP time.

Please submit final student products on or before April 15, 2016.

Thanks for all you do to create a college going culture within our school!

This lesson has been updated. Please review the updates before teaching GU 101 this week.

Grade Level Meeting Items

I will be off campus this week.


Requests for GU reimbursement for workshops, educational field trips, and STEAMPUNK units must have principal approval, meet the requirements of the GU district work plan, include all required back up documentation, and be submitted to Donna Absher through Lisa Whitley for processing within 60 days of the purchase or event. If requests for reimbursement are not received within those time requirements, they will be returned unpaid. Please seek prior approval from Mrs. Pam Huffman and remember to cc a copy to Jody Freeman of your reimbursement request upon submission.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please come see Lisa Whitley or Jody Freeman. We want to be sure everyone receives reimbursement.

Upcoming Dates & Events

Juntos Family Nights at CWMS

April 5, 12, 2016

7th G Heritage Theater & WFU Tour

April 5, 2016 (First Team)

April 6, 2016 (Second Team)

6th Grade Biltmore House & Careers

April 14, 2016

Roadmap to College Stone Center

April 26, 2016

Stone Center 6:00pm

GEAR UP Club ASU Tour & Luis Rodriguez Presentation

April 28, 2016

Jody's Schedule

Information Station Class Access Form

It's a new semester and a great time to remind students of this great resource they have available to them to get homework help. As a reminder, teachers who want to introduce this to their entire class and have the class log on all at the same time, we now have that option. Just make sure you fill out the request form PRIOR to having a class log on.

Below is a visual reminder of how students log in. Please review how to use with students.

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All teachers have administrative right for their school.

Teacher Login: your school email address

Teacher Password: email user name



Student Login: Student ID/Lunch #

Password: jobshadow

Example: 863018


Upcoming GU 101 lessons will require students be able to use their individual CFNC accounts. If you have students who have not created an account, or are unable to get into their created CFNC account, please list them on the google form.

Mrs. Stinson and I are working to be sure all students have access to their accounts before the GU lessons begin.

6th-8th grade students county-wide created CFNC accounts and began exploring what careers they are interested in, as well as how to plan, apply and pay for college.

Account Name

Student ID/Lunch #



Student Birthday (no "0" placeholders)

Example:08/28/1992 would be entered as 8281992

Please Join Us!

GEAR UP UCAN Council Meeting

Monday, April 11th, 4pm

North Wilkes Middle School Media Center

Please join us!

GEAR UP District Coordinator

Jody Freeman

North Wilkes Middle School/West Wilkes Middle School


Central Office Phone: 336-651-7049


Monday and Tuesday: West Wilkes Middle

Wednesday and Thursday: North Wilkes Middle

Friday: Central Office


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